Stuck in training mission, frozen

I was doing fine, no issues at all, and now it’s asking me to load two weapons on the Aura mission. It’s like 1 frame every ten seconds. Bugged.

I think my character is trash if I can’t fix it.

Anyone know what I should do?

I have a few seconds of perfectly fast gameplay untim Aura comes up and then it’s trash.


I painstakingly added the weapons over the course of an hour and Aura ended that mission. Now it’s fine. Wtf?

Were you doing anything else on the computer or internet connection at the time ?
I get a similar thing if I try to run 3 clients simultaneously - 2 works OK, but the 3rd pushes my graphics card over the ‘knee of the curve’ and drops my FPS from 50 to 3. The slowdown doesn’t resolve if I just stop 1 or 2 clients, I have to stop all 3 and then restart (2 of) them.

Not at all. In fact, when that mission ended, it cleared up.

Mice in the computer ? :smiley:

Silly as that sounds, it does happen. I used to look after my employers mini-computers (HP3000). After one or two ‘incidents’ local staff were told to leave them strictly alone and call for support (me) if they went wrong. So one day I get a call that the machine in Dublin keeps crashing. Flew over (from the UK), went to the site, entered the computer room, opened the cabinet - eh voila, a large mice nest ! They’d eaten the insulation off some of the mains wiring… I arranged for pest-control and a hardware engineer to visit, then flew back the same day. I dread to think what that little jaunt cost the company, but I did enjoy the day out.



f12 > help center > submit support ticket.

Uninstall EvE. Clean your computer with CCcleaner, ad-aware, antivirus. and any other computer-cleaning tool. Reinstall EvE.

Or if you just started, maybe do as you considered and abandon that character if other things don’t work.

Naa, my alt was working fine. That one mission was glitched. To fix it, I had to go through the motions to complete the mission at 1/2 to 1/10 frame per second. It took about 30 minutes.

It was a mission glitch, no question. Why? Who knows.

A mouse? No. A gremlin? Yes.

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