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Shiny new toon, but not so new a player. I have seen a few bugs in the years that I played Eve, and have always just shrugged my shoulders. I mean what can you do about it when they decide to update.

Well here is my gripes.

The ammo in my shiny new toons cargo just randomly ceases to exist. I am doing the career agent missions today, Amarr to lasers in a Punisher. Well, those crystals just presto change oh to something else.

Radio stops being radio, now multi, Standard sticks around but Radio? Nope. The screen stutters and stops horribly. Sometimes the ships are missing pieces. What the hell?

Kinda miffed. Black screens. Pauses. Disconnects. Now back on. Even the darn forum is acting up.

My connections are good. My computer is fairly new. Eight core Ryzen with a 2080 card. It should be able to handle the upgraded graphics. I mean it has no problem with any other game.

The magic changing crystal thing is strange. How does it do that?

I don’t know. Just hope the fix it.

check your personal asset list – Eve can be pretty bad about putting items into the wrong cargo area, perhaps it went to the wrong ship, or into the wrong station’s hanger area. it gets really irksome when your mouse starts to have issues with clicking, eve is really dependent on being able to have a long-held click for dragging stuff from one cargo area to another.

Sounds like that might be a HDD/SSD issue, I’d recommend running a health check utility on your drive. Especially if you see crashes when you undock and the like.

A lot of people are having issues with DX12, which can be turned off in the launcher (settings gear → Game Client tab). However, if you’re experience problems with other stuff as well, you might have a bigger issue.

Anyway, start with disabling DX12, and then file a support ticket if that doest work.

Also, they did something with the textures (i don’t understand the technical stuff). So, that might explain the missing ship pieces. The client is taking too long, or erroring out when trying to download the new textures. Maybe try downloading the full game client in the launcher (settings gear → Launcher tab)

EVE Launcher, corrupted downloads and repair tool update

  1. Reboot the computer.
  2. Navigate to the EVE client install folder.
  3. Run the Repair tool until it finshes.
  4. Run eve.exe from the same folder.

Might this help?

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At least you still have your boot.ini, you spoiled little summer snowflake.


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