Career mission 6 (enforcer)

Hello everyone!

I am a new player and I’m running the enforcer path of career missions. In mission six I’m tasked to destroy wolf’s pirate base (I’m a Gallente pilot in Federal Navy Academy). However, the defense turrets of wolf’s base hit me too strong. I managed to complete the mission by warping back to FNA outpost in the solar system, escaping death, and a lot of patience by going through the portals multiple times. But I can quite imagine this is not the way how the mission should be completed, I must be doing something wrong.

I was flying in my rookie ship (my corvette) and geared only with a civilian railgun for which I need no ammo. What ship and what fitting should I have taken to survive the encounter for the first time? I also grasped a basic understanding of the combat system (damage types, avoiding turret fire etc.). How do I analyze though opponents to play in their weaknesses and anticipate their strengths?

Thanks in advance for the assistance, this would massively help me!

There are some suggestions here: Enforcer (Career Agent) - EVE University Wiki

You’re still in the Velator? Tough cookie…
My first upgrade was a battle Venture, two railgun turrets, two drones, some shield and a Damage Control. Enough for every career agent battle mission.
Gallente should go on to an Atron (fast), Incursus (tough) or Tristan (sniper with drones). But you also can fit a given Navitas. But don’t use civilian modules!

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