Is ti possible to do career agents mission with a different ship?

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Hi, as you all know when you do Advanced Military Career missions, the agent often ask you to use one of their ships. I need to do some career mission to regain factions standings with Amarr Empire, but I fly Gallente ships so I don’t have the skills to fly Amarr ships or use lasers and I don’t even want to waste time developing proper skills as I want instead to develop the ones I need most.
So my question is simple: is it possible to finish those missions using my ship instead of the one the agent give to me?

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Yes. You even can use rockie ship to save frigate you will otherwise blown up in one of their missions. I mean the mission, where you have to fly given frigate to the station and get it blown. You can use any frigate of any race in the tutorial.

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There’s only two missions where you’re asked to use that very ship, and that’s because they don’t want you to lose your own ships. So be aware that 2 ships are blown up in advanced security missions. Additionally I highly recommend to insure them platinum level :slight_smile:
Learning Amarr skills for frigates and lasers cost about 40k ISK and 30 min of skilling, I think that’s worth it, because you learn to set up and use lasers and some differencies between Amarr and Gallente frigs - that’s worth a lesson. I’m also Gallente, but had great fun and success with a Coercer.

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