Careers in EVE

I’m wondering about careers and all they entail for players at different steps of their character development.

So far I like ratting because it’s quick fun while I learn game mechanics and obtain the SP I’m waiting for. I did some mining and experimented with a few ships.
I’d like to play EVE like a series I’d watch on tv. Everyday a little more story and more understanding. The missions are ok for immersion and ratting gives some quick action. The dangers of NE compared to how much I’m willingnto invest are a nuisance at worst and learning lessons at best.

Could you post about your favorite career, what you like to do most in the game, why and whether you’re fairly new, new or been at it a while, a veteran…
Thank you and fly safe.

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While repetitive, I enjoy the mission running. I’d like to see a bit more randomness and variety like in City Of Heroes: Homecoming.

Industry and mining is something I like to do as well. While I am a small cog in the wheels of industry that powers New Eden, I still feel like I’m doing my part. I’m making a lot of Punishers and Tormentors for one player who is paying me better than market prices. I don’t know what he is using them for, and for plausible deniability reasons I won’t ask. :smirk:

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I generally play in small amounts here and there (at least in recent years), so the activities I take part in trend towards the things that can be done in under an hour.

  • Run some career agent missions on a character that needs a standing boost.

  • Run some epic arc missions towards standing boost.

  • Run some security missions for same (very rarely, distribution missions).

  • Run some combat anomalies just to take part in quick combat, or rarely for drops.

  • Do some exploration / hacking for drops and just to explore.

  • Do some station trading for ISK, mostly just updating existing orders.

  • Very rarely, do some hauling to set up trades for ISK.

  • Occasionally do some low-sec or WH diving just to see what’s out there.

Been EVEing since 2007, somewhat veteran-ish but never really got that big into EVE, these days mostly just dabbling for nostalgia’s sake.

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one reason people have multiple accounts or load up with alts is to pursue different career paths. within my group of accounts i have combat, mining, industry and exploration mains. along with numrous planetary interaction alts. a good corp can help guide you , but try to keep your characters focused. being good at something is better than being mediochre at everything.


You can read about some of my journey on my blog:

And can also see some of my journey on my EVE screenshots:

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@Yonniya_Rainor @Kezrai_Charzai @leavwiz @Uriel_the_Flame Thank you for your interesting posts.

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If you like combat, as you’ve been ratting, then perhaps expand on that.

Combat exploration
Burner missions
WH combat

The last two are group play styles, none of these you will understand in a day so lots to learn.


Thanks, somethings to think about in future.
I don’t yet understand any of the mechanics in those areas at all and still missing crucial skills to even fit my destroyers properly.

For any new playstyle read the wiki and watch a few YT starter guides, see if it interests you. If it does you have a new (long term) goal so something to work towards, if it doesn’t then at least you learned something.

Broadening your horizon and trying stuff outside your comfort zone increases the chances of you finding your niche, and at the very least you’ll become a more well rounded player.

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My current career in new eden is administration with the United Standings Improvement Agency (USIA). We are a service corp that helps raise faction and corp standings.

We’ve had high profile names use our service, and we don’t discriminate where are clients are from.

Previously i was a miner in null to help produce drugs, even tried my hand at WH life helping those stuck in WH with Signal Cartel.

You are very welcome and I hope you find the career you enjoy doing in New Eden. :slightly_smiling_face:

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