Multiple Careers In EVE?

Hello, I was just wondering if I could have two careers like PVP/PVE and industry or even three careers including exploration, I’m a new player starting out in EVE and I was just curious.

You can do whatever you want in EvE, no restriction to mix if you proper organize yourself. PvP players for example often run an industry branch or do PvE to fund their ship losses.


You can do all of that.

And, more.

A great many players start out doing pvp and pve. One of the common thoughts expressed is doing pve activities so you can fund you pvp activities.

But, you can take a detour from the traditional paths in pvp and pve and forge your own destiny in game. Myself, I play as a detective in game. One player, whose creativity I admired greatly, ran a fight club type dueling ring, and, also ran murder mystery type “mission” parties on occasion. I’ve known people to run events like races. There are paid mercenary groups in game as well as paid haulers (EVE’s version of a commercial truck driver.)

If you can think it up and can successfully market your service…and, it is a service people can see a value in, players will pay you for that service.

I know that’s a bit more of a detailed answer than you were looking for; but, I feel new players climbing EVE’s initial learning hump sometimes get so bogged down in the “details” they forget about “the game”.

So, to recap, given enough time, you can do it all. And, put your own personalized twist on it. :slight_smile:


Okay, thank you!

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