Cargo Scanners - Proposed Changes

I have sat in sites and they have disappeared and me left floating in empty space after a site is completed or times out.

I have seen it, I do explore.

What you’re saying is if I sit in a site and we all sit in a site we can kill explorations from ever spawning again, that’s not correct.

Not if they aren’t flagged as complete

I have completed sites and sat in them and they have despawned around me and uncompleted sites I sit in.

Why don’t you just complete the site to speed it up? I do.

They DO despawn after a period of time.

The game wouldn’t work if they didn’t despawn periodically. Exploration sites would have died years ago if that was true.

Congrats, that’s why I said

You have to hack each can to flag it as complete and you have to flag it as complete for the site to despawn with a player inside.

If there is a player inside and it is not flagged as complete it will stay open even if it passes its max lifetime

Prove it. I have yet to see a site not despawn periodically.

What you’re saying is I can DOS Eve exploration by sitting cloaked in a site unfinished.

They do despawn eventually if not complete… that’s why I mentioned the max life time.

But there is no reason for a “completed” sight to sit around for two days before refreshing.

This doesn’t exist as a result of intentional game design. It exists do to incorrectly set flags.

Where is your source for this TWO DAYS refreshing?

Completed sites do not sit for TWO DAYS, I have had them disappear around my ship, and it wasn’t after TWO DAYS.

Oh ■■■■ you’re right, relic sites actually last a full week before respawning. It had been a while I thought they were farmable for only a couple days.

I had them disappear around my ship in space, and I wasn’t sitting there for two days or a week.

Just as I have had missions disappear around my ship in space.

Only way they are disappearing around your ship is if you have already completed them.

Here’s how they work.

They spawn and sit around for a week, if no one does them in that time they simply despawn and respawn elsewhere in the same “area” normally the constellation but some in k-space are tied to npc “sov”

If you complete all the cans it will despawn and respawn following the same rules as above.

If you do some of the cans but not all then at DT all cans refresh and you can run it again until the max lifetime. ← this is how you farm a wh over and over again and is not intentional.

That 3rd scenario causes an unhealthy situation as it allows for players to stack up and farm sights in a system and likewise causes situations for players in TZ farther from DT where they run into far more empty sights than players who play at DT

The cans refresh with the same or different chance contents?

You are faster and better off triggering respawns for fresh cans and scanning down new sites, these are not rat spawns that you can farm, rather than waiting for DT which is going away for the most part anyway. DT will be going away so it won’t be something you can depend upon.

No, you’re not. You’re better off never clearing one of these inside your own hole so that they build up.

Wake up run 5-10 sites then head out and clear sights inside other holes.

If you picked up the worthless junk just to clear the sight and spawn it into some other hole you’re not connected to you gain no benefit.

Either you’re being intentionally disingenuous or you’re not actually all that familiar with these mechanics.

And even with the slim chance that ccp gets rid of DT in the next half decade they will still need to replicate its functions on the systems that rely on it.

I am not just referring to wormholes. sites also spawn in low, null and high.

Does the cans respawn with the same contents every DT?

CCP should perhaps do an anti-despawn hindering farming pass review on all content, basically more rigourous spawning and more random. Make it so if you want to farm you have to “effort” and “move” about space. No free lunches.

Yes… and in those areas you run into the other side of this issue like I explained above.

No they just pull from the same loot table.

I thought you didn’t want them to do that for these sites?

Oh I absolutely want more random and moving about. I am not an isk/hr farmer, I do it for fun.

The OP is the isk/hr farmer.

Then you want them to clear after someone has looted evening of value.

The reason you want that or he wants that is irrelevant. The desired result and its impact are what matters

The OP wants to kill cargo scanners, that’s a no. Not unless they make a new module to replace it, specifically for exploration, which I doubt will happen as the cargo scanner does fine.

Exploration without actual exploration is not exploration. So moving about is essential imo to the mini-game profession. Same with random, exploration requires two components, exploring the universe, and random.

I do not like explorers who use cargo scanners to only hack the valuable cans. Also, I would not recommend people to do so in a region of space that they want to continue exploring in (because you’re shooting your own foot regarding respawning sites and I think you would get more ISK/h using a scan upgrade instead).

Nevertheless, using cargo scanners while exploring is a valid strategy that allows players to reduce the amount of time decloaked in a site as well as a strategy to annoy others enough that they start hunting you.

As such, the ability for cargo scanners to scan exploration sites adds interesting gameplay options. Options your suggestion would remove.

No support.

Thanks. The idea actually generated from what the in-game description of the Cargo Scanner says: Scans the cargo hold of another ship. Not cans. Not sites. Ship Cargoholds.

No, I’m not an isk/hr farmer. You continue to make assumptions.