Cargo Scanners - Proposed Changes

Again, I’n not an isk/hr farmer of anything. Incorrect assumptions. The ide generated from the actual in game definition of the cargo scanner: Scans the cargo hold of another ship. Not anything else.

Yet, again, so many wrong assumptions. Being slow rarely comes into play. Most sites I find are new. I dont assume I own anything. I don’t know why this touched such a nerve with you lol. I have no problem with competition. The device is doing things beyond its in-game description: Scans the cargo hold of another ship.

And yet again. I never said I wanted to killed cargo scanners. You seem to not be able to get this point. I want cargo scanners to do what their in-game description says: Scans the cargo hold of another ship.

Solution is simple then: CCP updates the description to be more accurate.

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