Carrier pilot looking for a place to farm

Looking for a renting corp where i can just shoot red dots without pvp obligations or a group of players that wants to rent.

Just thought this was funny and worth pushing back to the top, miss honesty in the game full of to many fake pilots that say they wanna do this that and the other but never do.
You just wacked it straight out there and said how it is going to be :smiley:


This is me naked.

Hi, I would love to talk to you about running some pve content with us. We are a null sec corp that owns our own sovereign space. We are looking for many different roles of players but one of our great needs is more pve pilots.
What we offer is a home that is relatively safe, an active group of guys and girls who spend a lot of time together on comms. We are laid back and understand that RL comes first.
If you have other interest or if you wanted to try pvp we have trainers who teach classes and access to plenty of fleets. If you want to mine we run frequent minning fleets and for indy we have a huge selection of bpo’s and the orp or alliance will buy most of your production. If you just want to shot red dots that’s cool too. No obligation.
As for logistics we have several jump freighter pilots and can transport your goods easily. When going on fleet ops we most often provide you with the ships to attend so that you do not have to be concerned about losing your ships.
Thinks about joining us and becoming a Sith Lord today

Where is home for you Emperor ? Where do you live ?

Hello! Our space is secure enough to enjoy a fat tick :smiley: Have a look at our most recent add. :slightly_smiling_face:

:slight_smile: I see you

Wicked creek

And call me necro

I have found what I was looking for . Thank you for your offers !

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