Full Spectrum Inc | Nullsec | recruiting Miners, Indy, Explorers, Small gang PVPers |

Discord: https://discord.gg/UDgZQma

Full Spectrum Inc has been in operation since 2014. Our current area of operation is in the Detorid area of null security space. We are part of the Winter coalition and have 4 systems to use with moons, ratting sites, and exploring opportunities.

Corp Services in a nutshell:

  • An active community of adults with big real world adult lives (Most of the corp members are 30 years old or older).
  • Jump Freighter Logistics (we recently moved to a new place so we need some adjustment there but we have a partner to help. If you like logistic you are very welcome!)
  • Free t1 mining ships for anyone that needs them
  • Corp Buyback program
  • CTAs are not mandatory (but regular operations do occur)
  • A pvp-sub community who likes to destroy things. We’re currently building our military branch so if you enjoy PVP or want to learn, please come to talk to us! Unimpressive killboard
  • A community of planet, ice, moon and ore extractors who like to mine things
  • A manufacturing sub-community who like to build things (we have access to multiple Upwell structures)
  • We are eve hobbyists, project oriented thinkers, gaming adults who need a healthy distraction from real life
  • Full Spectrum has a rich history of taking care of its members.

What we seek

We seek active Eve Hobbyists who play the game on a regular basis that have a sense of adventure and imagination with tolerance for risk and change. At this time we seek recruits who are active in the Eve universe. You should be willing to play with us in our space space with an active headset and mic. We use TS and Discord.

Recruitment process

The recruitment process starts with you expressing an interest in the recruitment room of our discord. You will be expected to do at least one voice conversation with our CEO where more details will be covered.

Our corp and alliance are building up and we need players that want active role in our development. There is no limit to what you can achieve with us, either in industry or in PVP.

Come by our discord to have a chat with us and you can make your decision after that. :slightly_smiling_face:

New recruits came by our discord. Are you next?

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Our Directors are waiting for you!

More new recruits coming in everyday! Be part of our growing Corp!

3 new recruits yesterday! Come by our discord and let’s have a chat!

Be part of our change! Looking for industrialists, miners and ratters! Daily PVP if you’re interested but not forced to join :slight_smile:

We’re building up some cool projects! Come talk about it on our discord and let see how you can help.

Can I bump this post for a cool group of players and the top Corp in the Alliance o7

Thanks Luna!!! We’re still recruiting! Join our discord people!

Lots of new recruits! Join us now!

2 more recruits! Are you the next one?

Mining fleets, a 3bil enemy loki we killed, few 100mil in ratting tax… Are you the next recruit that will help us go to the next level?

Come by our discord and talk to us about your future in Eve!

Come over to our discord to discuss about living in SOV null!

Some good fights recently! Come join us!

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Bump for a great Corp o7.

The Number One Corp in Our Alliance for pvp o7

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