Full Spectrum Inc - Step into the dark WH/HS

Full Spectrum Inc is an eve online corporation that has been active since 2014. We now return from a bit of a break and are inviting like minded pilots to consider our corp.

Please review our Corp Profile and contact Rekindle if you want to discuss further.

Our current main area of operation is in a c4 wormhole as we learn this new to us content together.

We’re not concerned with skill points…we are interested in sharing in our Eve experience. To join us You should have a basic knowledge of the game ( having done the tutorial and played for about 5 million skill points)

Stop playing the game solo or in a corp that never actually interacts with one another and find out what can be done with the power of groups and team work.

Please review the profile information…there are a number of ways to contact me …Rekindle in game via eve mail or join the ingame channel Full Spectrum Inc Recruitment

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I once felt like just another capsuleer on the grid of thousands, another cog in the wheel. Until i found the one corp ad that caught my attention, likewise minds invited me home, into Full Spectrum Inc.

Stressful days is easily forgotten when you got yourself the perfect place, that soft spot in the couch, the pub downtown or just in voicecoms with a group of players that enjoy spending their slacking time together on grid for better or worse.

Hey remember that one time when we webbed freighters across an entire region in nullsec? 1 freigther, soon became 2 and in the end 5, like somekind of macarena train.

Or remember that time when we lived in the blood space just outside lowsec, first escalation we ran out there nearly sent me into pod!

Or all the times we got lost in the Mazes up in branch before we actually learned the way through all the gates…

How many times did Koswin kick me out from the d*mn teamspeak for yawning? Mustve been 200 times by now…

Hey one night good guy in FSI took out a dread to roam, apperently 4 targetpainters could get the job done, had us laughin awhile… Hey the neutrals probably laughed some even…

We have been through it all and still i only feel like the story has begun.

Come have a chat and maybe soon you will find yourself in the stories that will echo through the voicecoms for months.

Full spectrum is my story, whats goin to be yours?

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My time in FSI has been filled with a lot of the better times I’ve had in Eve. I joined FSI on a blustery Sunday afternoon. I jumped on comms and was given a hi-sec system to meet up in, and then was escorted via a wormhole chain to Null. I was little surprised at the warm welcome and to be honest, a couple years later nothing has changed.

FSI is laid back place where you can do what you want, when you want. If you’re not sure how to do something all you have to do is ask and someone will point you in the right direction. It’s all about teamwork and having fun playing an internet spaceship game and not taking it too seriously.

Legal disclaimer, there is one thing you can’t do and that’s yawn on comms. Even if she isn’t around Koswin finds out somehow.

FSI’s story continues to unfold, come join us and help write the next chapter.

Full Spectrum Inc is still recruiting.

Hit me up about some corp possibilities.

Talon Karda in game

Solid core sounds like

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