PLEASE READ: Full Spectrum Inc Wants YOU in Null!

In the fall of 2014 a new type of corporation formed with the idea that you could be an adult and have an actual real job and still play Eve.

Full Spectrum Inc is a null sec industrial pvp corp. We are looking to grow on our indy core but we do not limit ourselves to just one play style and we have multiple opportunities for pvp content.

[x] Free t1 mining and pvp home defense ships
[x] Corp Buyback program , make isk right in the system
[x] Access to multiple Upwell structures
[x] Coalition Logistics
[x] Active Discord Community
[x] EU/US/Canada TZ presence
[x] Good PI
[x] Null Sec Ice/Ores
[x] Task/project oriented, come be part of something.

What we are looking for:
[x] English speaking players who are willing to use a head set and mic
[x] Active at least 2 times a week
[x] Willing to help the corp grow and develop its active project plans (which change from time to time).
[x] Be willing to submit to a full api for as long as you’re in the corp.

Recruitment process
I am available via eve mail “Rekindle” or in the “Full Spectrum Recruitment” channel in game. All applicants are screened and vetted prior to joining.

Have had an awesome time. I’ve been in FLSP for over 2 years now. You are missing out if your not looking to join right now. Never know if you don’t try. So pick up that phone and give us a call.

Joined last November after looking for a corp with older, intelligent members. People I’d feel more comfortable with as I’m no longer a twenty something. What I’ve found is a corp with leaders and members that know the game well and are constantly learning still. The corp has a decent history, connections to other corps and there’s courage to take calculated risk towards moving things in a far better direction. I’m happy here and feel like I’ve found what I’ve always been looking for.

We are actively recruiting! We have successfully met several cool new bros this week. YOU COULD BE NEXT. Look for The Rekindle in game, in the Full Spectrum Recruitment Chat room.

Full Spectrum Inc has a legacy and this is your chance to be part of a community of like minded level headed gamers with irl lives.

So i thought i would say my piece (with minimal nagging for me to do so )
i have been part of this corp for nearly three amazing years, i joined on a friends recommendation when i said i wanted to be able to do my own thing when i want and get my teamwork fix when i aint being so much of a introvert, and i got it. the corp has a large umbrella to play under and a relaxed atmosphere, many types of people and experience with no nagging or b*tching
we have a page and a recruitment room for you to find out more but theres a solid and growing community here

Dirk andrard
Director FLSP

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