Full Spectrum Inc - Null sec community gaming where IRL comes first

Full Spectrum Inc is a corporation that has been in operation since 2014. We have an experienced leadership that connects with, and understands the pressure of normal living. People with hectic lives who nonetheless want to be part of New Eden can find a home with us.

In our corp we succeed in Eve despite our busy lives because we have a rich history of colboration with each other and the communities around us. You are invited to check out the various recruitment resources we have available.

We use English and all members are requirement to have a working headset/mic
We do CTAs and are recruiting pilots interested in pvp, even if its not every night.
We have an extensive history of working with the industrial side of Eve. Industrialists are welcome.
We encourage pvp. Starting with small gangs but going all the way up. We are respectful and patient with new players (no drooling FCs). YOU CAN BE EFFECTIVE IN A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME.

We live in null security space and can offer many amenities to community members. We believe that attitude is vastly more important than skill points. We also relaxed people (certain laws in Canada changed lately and your CEO is very relaxed). We are a very low drama group but we also know how to lighten up and have a good time.

We constantly seek the adult gamer. Typically our members are 30 + and older but this is not a steadfast rule. Our main goal is to continue to develop our industrial and combat operations to serve and be effective in a greater coalition.

The best way to review our profile info is actually in game. The recruitment room is called “Full Spectrum Recruitment” and the head recruiter’s name is “rekindle” …everything you need to get started is on Rekindle’s bio.

I am open to, and welcome PM’s on Discord. I also welcome you to join your FLSP Public room if you’re interested in recruitment, drop down to the FLSP Recruitment text room and “x” up.

Corp Brochure

Thank you and join “Full Spectrum Inc Recruitment” in game today.

Happy Friday.

Hi, I use to play back in 09. I know a few of your Corp members. is it possible to put up a discord invite please. i’l like to join.

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