Full Spectrum Inc - Social Industrial Community

Full Spectrum Inc has been in operation since 2014. We are made up of experienced players, generally 25 + in age. We operate in drone lands of Null security space in a system well suited for null sec operations. We invite you to check out our corp profile.

Our complete profile is available via links in game recruitment channel “Full Spectrum Recruitment”.

We are actively recruiting like minded pilots meeting our basic criteria: We are hobbyists and social adults. Compatible applicants need to speak English, be capable of using a head set and mic (push to talk) and be willing to share in the ongoing narrative of the corp.

We are a corp with focused goals but also with a good dose of respect for real life responsibilities. We rent the space we live in and are happy with the space we have access to. Everyone is asked to help out on the ops when they can to help us pay the bills.

We’re eager for players of all level of experience to join us. Please contact Rekindle. for more information.

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