Carriers and Dreads

If Keepstars are allowed in High Sec then logic would dictate that the only real counter, CAPITAL SHIPS, should also be allowed…

Unless the Keepstars-in-highsec was just more CCP corrupt collusion with the same old blocs they have colluded with in the past. That and the recent tax changes to NPC stations… seems pretty sketchy.

No Capitals in High Sec, then no Keepstars in High Sec.

Sure why not, its not like youll do anything to the thousand Astrahauses thatll replace each one

As a developer I always think it is comical when customers think they have some ability to negotiate.

We saw that a lot of the local/cloaking, guess what? :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Dreads are the best and cheapest way for a solo pilot to kill a npc capital spawn.

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Cool. And now I know.

I brought up a more restrictive version of your suggestion not long ago here.

Short version: you could maybe justify limited access of capital ships to hisec from a gameplay and lore standpoint, but unrestricted access to hisec would be overkill.

@Haulie_Berry I proposed something similar a short while back, and it only makes more sense now with the Drifter and Triglavian invasions.

No, only up to R32.

Remember that ships that get CONCORDDOKEN in hisec get zero insurance payout.

An arty Nag has an alpha of about 50k-60k with utterly abysmal tracking, a cycle time of 15 seconds, and a pricetag of about 1.5 billion ISK. Given your lock time and tracking you could only realistically gank a freighter and you don’t have nearly enough alpha to take one out. A torp Phoenix could maybe do a little better with an alpha of over 80k, but you’d have to be right on top of your target for your torps to hit before you die, and dreads aren’t known for their mobility.

Hisec suicide ganking in capitals wouldn’t have any real effect other than to act as a sink on capital ships. There are other balance concerns to deal with, but this isn’t one of them.

This is EvE

If something is possible, it will happen

And no, it probably wouldnt be a freighter first.

I so much wish to see this.


If it isn’t already I can see it becoming a thing… Dreads shield tank is OP better than a silly tiny battleship.

Oh I have no doubt that people would try it. I just don’t think it would be remotely cost-effective or successful.

Personally, I’m all in favor of anything that gets more capital ships blown up so I’d love to see people try.


Problem is, the majority of them would just get stockpiled

As for successful, showing your enemy that you will happily lose a carrier just to smear his procurer would pretty much make most of the crybears leave the system or game.

Wait, you lost me.

Having more caps blow up due to CONCORDOKKEN would cause more caps to get stockpiled? I’m not following.

(No sarcasm here, I legit don’t see where you’re going with that.)

No, there would be people who would do it, but if Caps were alowed in High then people would stockpile them for fear of losing them.

I think due to the time to produce the stock on the markets would be snagged up by a few major Alliances.

Ahhhh. Gotcha.

I don’t think that having access to hisec would cause people to stockpile capital ships any more than they do now. And even if they tried, that would be one more reason to handle hisec capitals like I proposed not long ago (#CCPlease merge these threads cough cough).

What about all the people in high sec that didnt previously have access to them?
And Caps are stockpiled extremely high

I have 3 and I dont even use the damn things

If we’re talking about doing it the way the OP suggested (i.e. straight up unlimited access for carriers and dreadnoughts into hisec) I’d agree with you. Everyone would just own capitals and they’d rarely die so they’d just sit there as a sink on the economy.

If we went with something considerably more limited and risky like I proposed, I think any excessive stockpiling would be offset by extra explosions.

Seriously, go give my topic a look. I linked it above and the forums are complaining about me linking it multiple times so I won’t do it again.

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Sorry Im just flat against it cos Im against caps period.

They are dull ugly and antifun

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You are forgetting HAWs. My Hexa 2500MM repeating cannon does a 43k Alpha at a cycle time of 3.3 seconds. Tracking is on par with battleship weapons, which means that given ample tracking computers/enhancers you will be able to hit ships with decent accuracy.

Edit: Wait no, i just realized the hexa is not a HAW. My bad. But still, getting a rate of fire of around 3.3 and alpha of 43k. Youre only going to be using it on freighters anyways. What other target is going to have 30 stealth bombers attack it?

Yes and no.

Youre going to be spending around 2 billion isk for around 250k damage. If you have a stealth bomber, thats around 8k damage youre applying in that same amount of time.

So thats basically 30 stealth bombers, and more importantly, 30 accounts worth of damage in a single account.

1.2 billion for 30 stealth bombers. Plus the 30 accounts being plexed/paid for. Versus 2 billion for a single account. A lot of people would say thats easier than multiboxing 30 accounts and paying for 30 accounts.