Cartoon aliens?

Why are there cartoon aliens on this ad? Does eve have cartoon aliens?

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they are eve versions of the 13 Icelandic yule lads


We need Krampus in EVE. He grabs dirty little AFK miners by their ears and puts them in his bag…


Thanks, that actually explains it. I juat didn’t see any lore explanation anywhere, unless i missed it…

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we then have Santa who would visits the good miners who are active and gives them a lot of isk

These are not aliens, each one have its own story, each one was a human clone.

clone blanks coming to life and wreaking havoc

Of course these may be seen as stories that are told to unruly capsuleers, with intention to make them care about certain things.

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Years ago they did explain the yule lads in more detail.

So he visits no one?

Who’d pick that as a way to spend their eternal life? Crazy.

Maybe Safety. should be renamed to Santa. and give them miners what they deserve. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Whos Santa? You mean Sansha? Sansha Claws.

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