When will the Annual Christmas 🤶 event start?

When will the annual Chrismas event start?
Im really looking forward to it as last year it got me alot of isk.


I am not sure, but Hanukkah will start December 18th and run through to December 26th. But this reminds me, as public service announcement;

Over in Amarr, the Empire would like to remind all the heathens and infidels, to keep our universe clean. This means don’t leave all your after party containers floating about in space. Remember God gave the universe to Amarr and we loan it out to you on occasion. Don’t abuse our good nature.

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amarr victor!!!

How much is “alot”?

Last year the Winter Nexus Winter Nexus Holiday Season Returns! | EVE Online ran from 9 December.


well like 300 mil for playing very little with shitty skills,
i had friends that made billions by ratting in christmas sites

The Christmas event can’t start until I see Hans Gruber fall from the Nakatomi Building. Then it’s Christmas…


CCP Explorer

Last year the Winter Nexus Winter Nexus Holiday Season Returns! | EVE Online 10 ran from 9 December.

But aren’t you a developer, wouldn’t you know the date? Also it appears to be running a tad late this year, if it was December 9th last year.

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It starts on the 15th

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Literally no one cares about you golden weirdos, thankee :smiley:

Edit: And the only good ship ya’ll ever made was the Proph. And the mining Geddon :smiley:

This much:


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Obviously, you’ve not spent YEARS bashing structures with a Revelation.

Is there a post or something to support this date being the start? And any details of it at all?

CCP Fozzie said it is starting on the 15th and running to Jan 3rd


Nope. The golden weirdos only made one good ship :smiley:

Great, thank you!

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Heyy! The Punisher takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’.

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No one cares about the baby shark ship.

I dunno.

Armageddon Navy issue after the Navy ship rebalance is rather good. 5 damage bonused cruise launchers + 5 damage bonused sentry/heavy drones.

It’s also decently priced at the moment

You can also swap out the cruise launchers for mega beams. I have one set up with mega beams solely for running the Amarr epic arc.