I just noticed this. OMG

On dasher, on dancer, donner, and blitzen, on comet, on cupid, prancer, and vixen.

I am only missing cupid.

CORRECTION: There is a Rudolph. It’s the -10L. I have them all in my collection bin now.


What are they?


Seems there’s 3 name types for each security sector of New Eden…

High Sec = DSHR-01H, DNCR-05H, PRNCR-10H
Low Sec = DNNR-01L, BLTZN-05L, RDLF-10L
Null Sec = VXN-01N, CMT-05N, CPD-10N

Then again CCP could have in the Database all those name types for each security sector of New Eden (High, Low and Null Sec), just haven’t been seeded in-game yet…

Anyway, gratz again…

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What are the items? Filaments you get from the Winter Nexus sites as part of your loot. You can activate a null sec one, and it will yeet you into a nullsec system with an ice storm effect in it. You can carry one with high sec as well, and use it to yeet right back out again when the locals are too rowdy to deal with.

What are the names? Those are the names of Santa’s Reindeer from the poem The Night Before Christmas (plus one for Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer - not part of that poem.

I don’t see any christmas meaning to the colors of the little stars. They seem to only correlate with HS, LS, and NS. The red things are clearly antlers (I was seeing them before as electricity of some kind). The things in the antlers look like small images of snow with a blurry reindeer in there.

The 01’s will transport you if you are alone. The 05’s will take you if you are in a fleet with the whole fleet up to 5 people. The 10’s will take up to 10 people at a time.


Unfortunately, Rudolph does not have a red nose. :slight_smile:



All hail Turkish Present Daddy.

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Good grief. Even I as a German / Scandinavian know what the Americans are on about here.
Not like those names have any significance over here.
I am more disappointed that the Iceland peeps went with it.

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Damn, they missed a trick with RDLF having a yellow light instead of a red…


That really is quite lovely. I feel gutted now that I got rid of mine! I wish I’d kept them!


Just wait another year - you’ll get your chance.

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Yea they should have made rudolph nullsec so he’d have his red nose


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