Filaments to ghetto back alley

Gee, I get to use the million-isk each (market cost in Amarr) Festival Snowballs to shoot 3 capsuleers and get a filament to go to some Null-sec ghetto back alley. Can someone let me know what has changed in Null-sec that I would want to take an excursion there? Or is this pandering to Null-sec mega corporations by giving them a new toy to play with?

Why so tight with the snowballs anyway? I thought this was a festival, not a scam to sell an item that should cost next to nothing. All three of my characters have the same filament Chilling Spree, but only 6 total snowballs in today’s package. So, if for some reason I wanted to cruise Null-sec, I’d have to buy 3 more snowballs and then realize I have no way to get my characters back to their start systems.

Is this what a Triglavian Festival is all about, sadism? Yeah, yeah, we get a T-shirt for an avatar that is never seen unless you click on someone in local and have some need to peruse the latest fashion.

At least skill points made logging in something to look forward to, but now I only reach into my stocking to find out how big a lump of coal I get.

I would expect as the days progress a few more skill points are to be had, but this is a truly bizarre twist on a seasonal reward for dedicated players. Not impressed, am I…


OMG, Grinchly McGrincherson! It’s all about sharing the Christmas love and spirit! Do you not have hands to hold? Is your heart, perhaps, two, nay THREE sizes too small?

Taking away the things you already had, to make the current “fun” event even more frustrating and expensive, is exactly what Christmas is all about! Christmas shouldn’t just be about you. It should be about all the alts you can create to feed your account with free snowballs! Alts deserve to be bilked on Christmas too you know.

Just, lighten up and get with the program, already. Let that commercial spirit enter your heart and find ways to take advantage of other people’s want. Let the ‘take’ flow through you!


Indeed! I’ve ganked an Anathema not too long ago. Turns out he wanted to shoot snowballs at me,
so I gave him the launchers and snowballs I had, because I felt bad about him losing those.

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But no hug, you monster!

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Hahah I laughed reading this.

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EvE is not for you.

I’ve been playing since 2007, Nicolai, you since 2013. My perspective can be said to be broader than yours. I am curious as to the logic behind your comment.


Your perspective is just bitter. This is a forum, there is no logic needed.

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Too bad for you it isn’t.

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Because you’re a whiny entitled crybaby.

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That’s not how this works.
In fact, your statement makes you look like a dumbass.



I enjoyed using the filament to go on a roam with some people to somewhere I never normally go 50 jumps away. Maybe it’s not the item that’s the problem but your attitude. Get in an empty pod, get in a cheap ship, activate the thing. Then gank someone who isn’t expecting you in some carebear middle of nowhere null and die gloriously to the response fleet that comes, making you appear back in your home system.


“My perspective covers a longer amount of EVE playing time than yours”. Is that enough explanation of what I was referring to, Solecist? The preceding sentence referencing time in game is the qualifying statement. I assumed that would be obvious. Excuse me for assuming a modicum level of intelligence.


It still doesn’t matter.

There’s people who have only been mining for years,
and your killboard says you’re a loser with no proper in-game experience!

The only thing your perspective is covering …
… is ■■■■■■■■.

If these had been around during Blackup then maybe theyd have been fun. Im just stockpiling em

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Blackup? :smiley:

They’re time limited, Ramona.

Sorry spellchecker. I of course meant Black Pete.

I figured they might be but someone must want em.


My corpmate’s name is actually Black Pedro!


Hes a swell dude. Very knowledgable.

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Yeah! He’s way smarter than I am!

Right now he’s doing christmas stuff,
because, you know, it’s christmas.

He’s always busy.
All work, no play.

Do you wanna play?