Casual PVE player- US CST zone

I am 44 years old. Looking for a casual corporation preferably in low sec. I do exploring and ratting. Looking for a group to do team activities, like combat sites and whatnot. I have a couple alts, one or a station trader at Jita and another I am going to use for High-sec mission running.

Would be willing to learn PVP, keeping in mind I am only on 2-4 times a week for a couple hours at a time.

I am looking for any kind of pilots at this time, just looking to make friends and enjoy the game.

We will have common goals to build towards but were just starting out now so working to that.

We have a null sec corp and a high sec corp staged next to some good low sec pockets.

.RA Recruitment channel in game if you are interested, or you can PM me.


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