Catalog Fits

Do you have a recommendation on how to best catalog your fits? I suppose I could email them to myself, but that doesn’t seem very efficient.

There is a feature in the fitting tool that allows you to save fits you create.

Outside of that… your killboard is another way to see what fits you have used.

May I ask what you are attempting to do here?

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Kill board. Ha, I hadn’t thought of that.

So that solves one problem. Remembering the fit of the ship I exploded in.

But I try different combinations and would like to save them with notes.

I use for mine.

It’s a good idea to carry them over in game though, they had a problem where they lost everything for the last 6 month a while back, I think they took care but it doesn’t hurt to back them up local.

“save as” in the in-game fitting tool and ship simulation. Using your saved fits you can then instantly fit a “blank” ship to that saved fit…very handy.

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I guess it depends on what you mean by “catalog” your fits.
If you all you want to do is save them as Vortexo says you can do that from the fit windows in game with the added advantage of quickly and easily fitting a new ship.

If you want to create a catalog and sort them according to one or more criteria then an out of game tool like a spreadsheet or database may be the best options.

Never used Osmium but my concern with any online tool like that would be where the fits are stored.

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