Every time I am on the phone, she does this

She likes it when I sing

LIKE A KITTY” by Madonna

Like a kitty

Pet for the very first time

Like a kitty

When your cat purrs

Next to mine


Zaera’s minion, Satan hops of the alter and bounds down the hallway like a demented pussycat. Something is not right here. Where is my mistress? There fang is, sleeping so contentedly in fangs coffin, sleeping so peacefully. All is not well in this universe. Hmm, what can I do about this?

Satan starts jumping on and off fangs coffin. is fang stirring now? Fang can see me in fangs darkest dreams, jumping on and off fangs coffin. Satan continues jumping on and off fangs coffin. Will fang get up?

Satan sighs impatiently then saunters over to the kitty litter box, runs claws along the bottom with terrible scartching sound. Wait, still nothing from my mistress, Satan hops off and starts picking at the carpet. Surely my mistress is now asking fangself if I haven’t found the toilet up to my standards, and I’m using the carpet instead…the furry carpet, the one fang calls a bathmat. Zaera is rising , can fang make it intime to save the bathmat? Haha! Wait…fang is going back to sleep. How disspointing. Zaera used to have such fire in fangself to save the bathmat…

As Satan continued his antics, the atmosphere in Zaera’s domain grew increasingly tense. With each passing moment, the absence of his mistress gnawed at him like a persistent itch. It was as if the very essence of the place had been thrown into disarray, leaving him to wander aimlessly, seeking a resolution to the unsettling mystery.

With a frustrated sigh, Satan ceased his carpet-picking and padded back towards the coffin where Zaera lay in peaceful repose. He peered at her sleeping form, his feline eyes narrowing with concern. Something wasn’t right. Zaera, usually a whirlwind of activity and mischief, now lay dormant, her once-vibrant energy subdued by an inexplicable lethargy.

Unable to bear the silence any longer, Satan let out a plaintive meow, hoping to rouse his mistress from her slumber. But Zaera remained unmoved, lost in the depths of her dreams.

Feeling a surge of determination, Satan resolved to take matters into his own paws. With a swift leap, he bounded towards the window, his claws clicking against the cold stone floor. Perhaps there lay the answer, outside in the world beyond. If he couldn’t wake Zaera from her stupor, then he would find someone who could.

Pushing open the heavy shutters with all his might, Satan gazed out into the night, the moon casting its pale light upon the land below. There, in the distance, he saw a glimmer of hope—a flicker of movement amidst the shadows.

With renewed purpose, Satan leaped from the window sill, his determination fueling his every step. For Zaera, for the mysterious absence that plagued their home, he would venture forth into the unknown, ready to confront whatever challenges lay ahead.

And as he disappeared into the night, a single thought echoed in his mind:

“Wherever you are, mistress, I will find you. And together, we will unravel the secrets that bind us.”


From where did you find the photo of me falling asleep while reading? :yawning_face: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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From the SCP Archives:

…the situation with dimensional rifts grew even stranger since Demian the cat learned how to play his angry cat mumblings in reverse…


Hmm pardon me fang, may we discuss this style of image inside the #Caturday please?





I reckon those kind are much better:)


George and I can’t express this enough…

Happy Caturday



This is my cat George

He is currently sending me left leg to sleep.


No Frosty. You must teach your kitty to gank