Any cans without expiration date, or higher than 30 days?

sorry, quick question. to my knowledge such cans don’t exist, but i might have been missing something.

are there any secure cans, which don’t vanish after being untouched for 30 days?

thank you.

I might be mixing up with mobile depots, but doesn’t the timer refresh if you interact with the can?

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which don’t vanish after being untouched for 30 days?

Yes, they refresh. Mobile depots sadly aren’t a vaiable option for what i have in mind. i hope for someone to tell me that i’m wrong, pointing at a secure can without that limit. :slight_smile:

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Ah woops, didn’t read properly, I had poor sleep because of my cats :smiley:

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while waiting for an answer, we might as well chat. :blush:

What happened? :smiley:

The little kitten is always so energetic, and tries to play around with the older cat, so then they just stumble around and make noises all the time

This time they decided it was a good idea to play at around 4 AM and again at 6-7 AM

Can’t get mad at them tho, they’re just too cute <3


HAHAHAHAHA :smiley: great shot! :smiley: awesome, that they are active! definitely worth it. :smiley:

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I am guessing all the hype the little one has is because he was saved, incredible appetite too! He also loves to just jump onto my bedwhen I am sleeping, starts to purr loudly and tries to get comfy somewhere near me, of course I wake up and pet him a few times, but after 30 or so minutes of purrs and always shifting around he leaves XD


saved? shelter?

From the street, he was just sitting and shivering under a bush, probably left behind by his mother by accident (because my mom knows an elderly lady that knows about a mommy cat that lost a kitten and got pretty sad for a few days) so we rescued the kitten, it was piled with nasty bugs all over him sucking off his blood, he was thin as bones and he looked really miserable.

We took him to the vet, treated him and we gave him a new home. He had to stay inside a cage for a while so the older cat thats been here for 4 years would get used to the smaller one, every now and then they would hiss at one another but now they’re good friends.

He was the size of my palm when he first stepped into the house, after abour 4 months he is as big as my forearm and hand, and maybe a bit bigger!

This is after going to the vet, clean from bugs but still with lack of nutrition, he had a swollen eye as well for a few days but got solved with a cream the vet gave.

As time went by he started to get happier, prettier and healthier, if it wasn’t for us this kitten would have been gone just after a few days when we found him.

He is perfect just like my older cat, me and mom were thinking of giving him away to someone else because of our financial situation, but we just fell in love with the kitten, and theres no price for that, even if one paw is missing.


Can’t not love a redhead. :blush:

Well done, Sir. Thank you for saving it. :slight_smile:


Damnit, was watching this video on “How to make 2 bil isk per hour” that was on the weekly news, and the background music is somewhat sentimental, typing that made me all mush and tear up ;-;

The kitten deserved a good life, not out there waiting for his last moments in agony… Don’t care if he gets any health issues or anything, I know I made him happy just by giving him a chance.


you saved a noob from getting ganked. :blush:

and now you have to take care of him, for the rest of his life. :grin:


That’s how friends are made, with trust, company and loyalty, entertainment and benefits are not good enough to consider someone a true friend that always wants something back.

it’s really easy to make friends, actually, one way or another, and the idea of “trust no one” is being artificially exaggerated. :smiley:

Easy to make friends, correct, but friends you can trust, now that is a hard one, and I for one am one to side with batman with his philosophy of not trusting anyone, most of it the Navy taught to me, because it is just like I stated, everyone is your friend as long as you buy them a beer and do all the work for them without getting back a thing, when You ask them a thing they want something in return.

Only a few select people are my close friends, and it took a bit less than a year, some more, to fully trust them.

I can assure you, that you’re seeing it backwards. Most people think that it’s hard to find trustworthy people. in reality most people think like you, without ill intentions. as i said, it’s mostly artificially exaggerated, just like suicide ganking.

All my cats were rescued from the street (I even took care of lots of street colonies and worked on some animal shelters)

BTW, you read in Portuguese ??? XD

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I don’t read, my mom does, and I AM Portuguese lol

@yellow_parasol I am fairly sure you are correct, but from my experience everyone I try to befriend with irl either ends up backstabbing me or demanding more out of the friendship just because of the fact I am generous. Most of my best friends are across oceans that I met through my ex girlfriend

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your mom does and so do you (quando perguntei se lias em português não me referia àqueles aqueles livros em particular, mas de uma forma em geral loooool)

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