CCP, add a target painting de-buff to turrets to change " shoot the primary" dinamic

Wouldn’t this make sig tanking god like?

Or rather than mucking around with Sig radius we could just introduce straight dps caps and logi caps. It’s already in universe with citadels.

That is 100% dependent on the fleet makeup which is 100% about the skill of the fleets in interpreting the makeup and selecting targets.

Let’s not dumb down the game for no reason except.
WAAA I got killed in 3 seconds, WAAAAAA :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Considering there is already a hard cap to the number of effective ships that can shoot one target and it does absolutely nothing to solve the problem all this would do is waist dev time but I’m glad to know you actually tried thinking of the implications of your idea for more than five minutes.

This… already happens.

The issue isn’t in your explanation. The issue that the idea isn’t very good, and does not accomplish what you’re stating it would accomplish, all while creating a whole new set of problems.

First of all, in large enough blobs, there are already multiple target callers because, A: There’s a maximum fleet size, and we routinely surpass it and, B: There’s already a ceiling on the amount of effective damage a fleet can burst on a target. The ceiling is 100% of the target’s EHP. There are no bonus points awarded for overkill.

Or it will just be the FC broadcasting targets on several different alts because broadcasting targets isn’t the tactically trying task you’re imagining it as. Throw TiDi into the mix and a blindfolded glass of orange juice could adequately handle target broadcasts for half a dozen different fire groups. You’re overestimating the organizational complexity of target calling.

This is kind of disingenuous. You’ve proposed a change that requires behaving in a certain way to be effective, and then you’re arguing that it’s a good thing by presenting a scenario where one of the parties just flatly refuses to adhere to that mechanical requirement.

There’s no nuance or tactical depth there. Why not just say, “If 30 guys fight 30 other guys whose ships aren’t even fit, they’ll win!”

What this mainly seems to do is punish adhoc/pickup groups/NPSI/etc for even bothering to show up at all. Doesn’t make a damn bit of difference to the groups where every F1 press yields a killmail.

Sometimes. If it means I get to punch my SRP ticket and GTFO of TiDi, hell yeah, light me up, my body is ready.

Well i was even embrassed to argue with the TiDi factor… who can just make fleet fights almost AFKeable if any sort of cap damage is introduced…

I did all of my Christmas decorating during M-OEE8. It was fine. Check in every 10-15.

Even without the topic proposal change… just have a guess…

So what would be the better way to absolutely RUIN this mechanic, dedicated ‘shoot blues’ squad to prevent all incoming damage, FAX local tanking hard enough to be totally invulnerable or ridiculous third party bomber shenanigans stopping both sides of a fight from actually, y’know, fighting??

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All Battleships must carry at least one frigate sized gun for shooting allies to assist with sig tanking.

Im sorry to say your comment has already been addressed, read again the thread.

If not in the mood, just think for 15 seconds and you will get a possible solution.

Sort off,

but lets remember that in the op i stated that it may be a hard cap to sig reduction so it dosent happen to be too op.

Also sig tanking dosent work so well when you are shoot by smaller ships. For example, you are in a cruiser and manage to sig tank other cruisers?, frigates will still hit you with full damage. And there are also target painters to counter it…

because you just quoting that here would have been so much harder. oh no it’s because you hoped they wouldn’t look at how it was “addressed”

Basically u will NEVER change the “shoot the primary issue”, if u see that as an issue, simply because if u introduce a damage reduction factor with a cap ( as u mentioned 50% less sign cap) u will only make large fleets to focus more on fewer targets, istead of the actual 1st, 2nd, 3rd, n-th “primaries”, since the alpha will always ovecome ship ehp, is just a matter of numbers. If u istead put an overall damage cap for ships ( scaling on how many target are shooting, or ANY other system) well the boredom of a fleet fight will rule… cos would be just a matter of rep vs max damage… and with the help for logi fleets coming with the TiDi , well will win who will have more patience holding the field… with 0 losses both side.

Or you introduce a matching but significantly lower logi hard cap as well. For an example, Battleships get a damage cap of 5k real. A logi cap of 2k real. (So ehp cap depends on resists). So you know if you can hold them they will die, but… there is time for logi to slow it down enough for ewar to try and break tackle, the battleship can overheat and maybe they pull range, or you don’t have enough DPS to keep at 5k actual with better resists…
And because it’s a real hp cap, it’s harder to calculate how much to shoot at a target on the fly because you have to account for resists. Certainly not impossible obviously.

You then get another tool to make certain weapons like Doomsdays scary. Doomsdays could just bypass the damage cap entirely. They don’t have to do 500000 damage to each battleship to make them scary if it bypasses cap and makes logi spread wildly to not hit cap on each target.

TLDR. It’s totally possible to do it in a balanced way that doesn’t turn boring because of logi, but still gives logi power.

Focus Fire is a valid and important tactic. It is not a problem.

Therefore no solution is needed.


For logi hard cap d u refer at a remote armor rep cap?

if is no, its referred to damage took by logistics, -> invulverable ships with ship damage cap.
If is yes,-.> ships can take at max XXX dps (taking in count the max dps repaired too) the whole thing will turn from kill ships in a determinated sequence ( following the primaries flow) to: cap damage + reps to as many ships u can es. wing one n people split 6 guns and put one from target 1 to 6, wing 2 to targets 7-12, etc etc… and… wait.

Im not against any change that improve the game, if those actually improve it.
And a discussion about logi mechanic is not in the thread anyaway :wink:

Assuming I’m following right. then yes.

But it’s not going to be as simple as just waiting. Because they can ewar dps off ships, you can pull range, you can warp, you can increase transversal. there are lots of options to mitigate dps that simply don’t function in large fights because you die too fast.
So suddenly logi becomes about keeping people alive for long enough to achieve some other way of getting dps off them. And no matter how much logi ships die on both sides in a fight also.

I feel it’s relevant to the thread as it’s related to the Ops idea, but in a way that doesn’t break other things (Ok yes it breaks the instant alpha doctrines, but honestly, instant alpha isn’t fun, it’s just needed because of how logi works, and depending how you average dps alpha can still matter to some extent.)

Yes it will by shooter side, since there would be a fixed limit in firepower u can apply the only things to do would be do the math homework, estimate the max dps token by a target and apply to as many as possible, any mitigation u can apply to that is included in the fact that not all ships can get the max possible rep. But agree would be different, more funny? dunno, i’d rather have more fun being insta-popped in glory, after took down some of them, and reship istead… and if im the first who get primaried well… is war, u can always get the first headshot while charging the opponent :rofl: , not mention that is way more logical.

This opens lot of questions, how can u know the target repped reached the max he can be? with an automated easy system? even with fractions? with the more hardcore "noone knows… "?

Oh i forgot the TiDi system who makes the already slow things…ssslllloooooooooowwwweerrrrrrr

  1. How is it a simple maths equation if 90% of the variables change with time and are unknown.
  2. Logi cap should be as easy or hard to tell as dps. If DPS get clear answers so should logi. If DPS cap is invisible, logi cap also should be. However yes, logi would have to be good to avoid wasting reps. I see this as a good thing.
  3. Tidi making things slower shrug. Of course it does. But would you rather press keep at range on anchor, then press f1 till you get volleyed. Or have to keep track of lots of things. Which creates an environment where skilled pilots can shine by being more aware and working together better. I’d rather have the later experience.