CCP, add a target painting de-buff to turrets to change " shoot the primary" dinamic

90%? where? give me an example. I gave one:

assuming a full fleet is 256, 5 wings of 50 or less based on the math ,too lazy calculate but lets assume that u set up a wing of ferox who can cap 6 target damage cap + max remote rep with 1 turret each… you do that… and… wait. It may vary of course… someone can warp off… someone can explode, someone can get jammed, this will cause the loss on one or 2 or 5 turretts per target… but nowere near the 90% of variables u stated… without any clue of what ur saying. In other words, again,the larger fleet will just modify the target management spreading the whole amount of the fleet dps on much more targets, as close as possible to their cap, the smaller fleet will do the same, dont see the magical opportunities who opens for the seconds.

Well lets put all the things under a different light: U cant make better and more enjoyable fight just messing the whole system and putting everything into chaos.

Basically this…

There is nothing wrong with the current mechanic and fleets organised enough to work with proper fire squads and double or even triple their kills per minute are hugely rewarded.

In fact if you REALLY wanted to fix this issue then stop over killing targets the more fleets that do work with fire squads the less viable such a tactic becomes in the meta and groups will be forced to adapt

We may disagree, but chaos is exactly what I pursue., For example chaos is good in my view because:

  • The more chaotic a fight the more variability in the outcome.
  • The more it favours the organised side vs the numerous.
  • More chaos means the individual player has to observe and make decisions.
  • The more room for “junior officers” to be needed, being an excellent training for FC.

The cap can be visible through sig radius, I cant remember if it can be added to the overview already, but probably not the hard part.

Also you can see the damage you are doing and act accordantly.

Some valid criticism here,

But based in my experience in fights in wh, that wont happen, fleets composition will get more varied, because part of the fleets will be dedicated to disrupting instead of adding alpha. Making non-standard dps roles more important.

For example cap warfare will became more important, E-war vs their logis, etc.

Not sure how it will behave in thousand ship battles, but I doubt that logistics can coordinate well in them anyway.

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