CCP, an idea to metric what users you have

Is about a suggestion to other areas to CCP. Its all.

Then it should be in the Ideas & Suggestions section

Youve quoted forum rules enough to know that

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As i say before to you less than 10 minutes ago, i put here for visibility.

I quote the harrasment and trolling policies because are relevant. You can ask if u want to be moved of forum. If CCP leave here, is yer decision and i think is good for visibilyt.

No it’s about you not being happy about some changes, and writing a bunch of nonsense (using terrible “logic”) in the hope that you can convince them to revert it.

Again, you’re just crying and whining.

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So your goal is to remind CCP that it has data it knows it has.


Just making sure I have this right.

this is ad hominem, harassment, and lies.

and no they don’t.

No,m you are putting words in my mouth again. If u see my FIRST post say clearly “I was nearly ded today in hi sec for the trigs (one 0.7 procurer and 0.6 svipul) and begin to thinking the game as is is HARSH. GOOD ! But …”

I think is good. The problem is for other people and long term effects in multi accounts in the health of game.

You are making off topic post and dont know what is ad hominem, trally tou are trolling. Please follow the forum guidelines.

Btw, do you eat where you ■■■■ and ■■■■ where you eat IRL “for visibility” or whatever reason as well?

@ms_steak Sorry, the harsh words of your poost make them ilegible. Cant answer if your post is redacted.

And no problem if other flag the topic. The facts are facts =) I think we cn get a nice drop in CASH subscriptions in progress by other people as a resulit of trig attacjs, cyno changes and black out and my metric suggestion is that.

this is ad hominem, harassment and lies.

Sorry I forgot trolling.

Your comment is not constructive in any way and hurts EVE, not mine and violating theforum guidlines.

I go to cinema now, check forums tomorrow. Have a Nice day.

this is harassment, trolling and ad hominem. It is against the forum rules. Please stop harassing people.



So you want to see the number of cash subscriptions that dropped because of blackout? Have you considered purchasing stock in CCP or becoming a shareholder instead of a consumer? Because that’s the only way you’ll ever see or need that “METRIC”.

CCP is a private company, we cant buy stock…soooo…yeah. i already looked into that way back when they downsized multiple times

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This Thread has gone off topic and has turned into a table to attack one another. Closer.

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