CCP - Any chances to get Testserver back available for some Video Recordings

Hello CCP,

i know you do your developments etc…

But as video producer, i need to make sure, that i deliver high quality recordings on the testserver.

Any chances, that you once you put the testserver available to all, that we have a time window from 2 days, where Testserver is available ?

Its an horror to form up quick for the video Recordings (last time we had only 20 minutes left on Testserver until testserver goes down).

Is there any possiblities ?


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Why cant you do it on the live server?

ok, i see you have no knowledge about videos. Yeah sure, why not doing this on the testserver. While using a spacemouse for sure.

I need different angles, i need presettings, i need some recordings yes. And you - maybe understimate the quality of good footage.

for example, to get a good footage, of duration of 15 seconds, there are preparations needed, there is no fire and forget recordings in good videos.

And no, you cant record this on live server.

Heard about statists ? All that ■■■■.

Just make the video on the live server.

nice try to get me out from behind the stove, but no Aikio. Princess. I didn’t know you were the voice tube of ccp now.

Well, your alternative is not to make the video.

Your choice.

We make our videos live. Why don’t you?

If you need help, I can do your video for 10 billion.

hah luckily i dont make such videos.

ok, unluckily the troop is busy with part 4. so i don’t judge them that they are busy with their project.

Btw. This episode takes 11 Months to made.

But i am sure, your quick and dirty videos do the same effect, shown up in views :slight_smile:

Bro, that’s not even EvE Online.

That may be, but as part of the TMC, I have certain expectations of my videos. Of course, I can create videos like you, but I can do that with ease. But no, I’m more quality-oriented.


I think maybe you are just bad at making videos, and that’s why you are criticizing other people’s videos (to pretend you are better), but meanwhile all you can do is link Battletech videos because apparently you can’t actually make a video.

Wait Princess can Think ? Really ? That is awesome. I guess you want to troll around, because you know my videos. I am not here to repost it again.

I made videos for ASCEE, and several other entities. Always happy customers. But hey, for CODE - i am not willed to make any videos. For sure.

Just go ahead - troll around - gank around. I will expect you here…

All I know is you won’t be making the video you clearly want to make.

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