CCP - Any uh plans to increase killmarks after 999?

It is with great disappointment, the max number of killmarks is 999.

Can we please address this issue?

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:point_up_2: when you exceed 999


What they could do is like
1-99 -black
100 - red
101-199 black
200 - red
Etc up to 500
At 500 you get a silver Killmark.
Then it starts back over. Black to red to black etc. So at 999 you woul have 1 silver km, 4 red km and 99 black km.
1000 turns to gold km. Then it starts all over again.

Just a random thought in my head, that would allow more than 999 KM’s if you are that good enough.


Color blindness + low visibility even w/o color blindness is a problem. It has to be in the form of a high contrast outline of sorts where the color doesn’t matter as long as it contrasts.

Fly the ship somewhere actually dangerous, and without 10 logi backing up your solo.
The problem will solve itself.

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Aye, i believe there is another that earned 999 kills.

It’s quite disappointing they can’t add some sort of flair for 1000 kills - or getting above that.

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Congratulations for reaching over 999 kills on one hull without dying!

Seems you have two choices now. Get another hull to continue counting. Or go on a celebratory suicide roam with it. :smiley:


I’m close… I have a gnosis with two killmarks on it.

A skin would be better.

I agree. They should be given a SKIN with a picture of wheat, tractors, and pitchforks to denote their farming capabilities :grin:

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Must be challenging in a Super in lowsec in a gatecamp killing small ships.
I have deeeep respect for that.

Geez. I didn’t even know this was a thing. Someone explain this mechanic and how I can find my #UNDEF killmarks?

Whenever you get a kill with your ship, a kill mark will apear somewhere on the hull and stay on it as long as you don’t repackage the ship.

So if you have a kill with one of your ships, you should be able to find a mark on the hull. can help if you can’t find the mark.

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Roman Numerals

Have you reached 999 killmarks on a ship?

pretty sure that’s impossible without padding, even if your friends give you every final blow, my record is 380, but those were already super risk averse kills in a cloaky loki and i was lucky multiple times, highest amount i’ve ever seen from actual fights was almost 500 on a legendary Nightmare from vurionek

1012 killmarks on my carrier.

I have to manually keep track now, to my great irritation. No new marks are added after 999.

Screenshot, plz?

Why you necro bro

Dude, Archer, I sense a business opportunity for you. You could sell hulls with kill marks on them to showboat “PVPers” that care about stuff like that.