CCP bot unban market effects

As CCP has returned to only temp bans for non rmt related botter’s what market effects can we expect to see?

A massive devaluation of isk owing to a fountain flood of ratting bounties?

A sharp rise in plex prices as these returned botting accounts plex?

Closing of margins as market bots once again rule the roost?

I think the biggest impact will be if there is a meta change at alliance levels to engage in botting now that it is once again a temp ban affair.

As there is no such thing as a “non-rmt related botter”, zero. CCP will keep them permad.

That is not correct. There are botters who do not engage in rmt and ccp has always treated the two differently. Operating multi strike rules for non rmt botters and input broadcasters.

[citation needed]

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I’m pretty sure people already told you in one of your other threads that CCP said that botters would remain permabanned. But just in-case they haven’t…

‘‘Real Money Trading & Botting’’, so people who do both, please read the OP, thank you.

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