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CCP Burger was featured on Eve Online video which started the re-balancing changes in Eve Online. It was on Youtube called " EVE Online – Resource Distribution & Season’s Greetings" (Eve Online forum doesn’t allow me to post links to Youtube).

The video had a positive feedback in Youtube comments on his performance (that guy was really hilarious) and many players (including me), hoped this would become a series.

EVE Pulse has a section with CCP employees playing a role in it - like CCP Convict depicting an EVE player. It would be great to have a CCP employee played villain there too. It would be great to see a Triglavian guy removing his mask to be CCP Burger, typing on an evil machine with a keyboard with Triglavian characters doing evil stuff like removing veldspar and spodumain from nullsec.

The problem what you guys at CCP are now trying to solve is that the game became stale and too easy to play with no challenge, something other games faced as well. The bragging rights in those games became “I can make X money in Y hours with very little or no effort at all” as that became the only way to brag. This is usually the case with games featuring BiS (best-in-slots) equipment where the company just introduces newer equipment that has bigger numbers.

You are now getting a backslash as you are now confronting your player base that got accustomed to “I can make X money”, which is not the type of bragging in good PVE and PVP games.

The same happens in other games. Lately it happened to Neverwinter Online from Cryptic Studios where when you had the proper class (Paladin), you could easily solo dungeons meant for 5 and even 15 players. Youtube was full of videos with “I can solo this with no problem at all”, which of course killed the game strategy and diversity - as everybody was just playing a paladin (just like Jedis in Star Wars Galaxies, Death Knights in World Of Warcraft and Daggerspells in Archeage). Those that complained were shafted with “this game is too hard for you, git gud, go to World Of Warcraft or Hello Kitty Online” and left the game. So after years when Cryptic saw that the player numbers fell below the financial threshold, they balanced the classes and that - of course - created a massive backslash on the forums (as everybody still playing the game was a paladin) with “I cannot solo a 15 player dungeon, you killed the game, I QUIT!!!” and “how are new players supposed to cope with this!?”.

Just what you are seeing now.

What am I saying is that CCP Burger could help explain in Eve Pulse why those changes are made. He could be the person for people that look for challenge instead of “I make X money/hour” - for both PvE and PvP. Being the nemesis of CCP Convict, he could help introduce the changes with a funny punchline, maybe give a hint on how to solve them - what are players supposed to do. It might not be obvious to the existing player base (used just to press F1) and it could provide some knowledge to new players - as those are now also concerned with “how am I supposed to make money?” This could boost the forum activity in a better way than the current “new players are doomed!” and “CCP killed the game!”.

You need to understand that EVE Online is seen as a Monopoly type game were you create as many characters as possible to boost you virtual money income doing the stuff that creates the most money. This is also what new players are being told, so it is obvious that they are scared too.

CCP Burger could help you with that. Bring CCP Grinch back!

You guys can do it - you had Yule Lads before!

CCP Burger should have an appearance as a villain to CCP Convict (which is depicting an EVE player) in EVE Pulse to help introduce changes in the game in a funny way. He could also provide possible hints and also challenges that rise from those changes for players.


Wtf is this


Wouldnt it be the other way around. CCP convict would play the convict and CCP burger would play the Mcdonalds employee?

Where is CCP Thorazine? He’s the one making all the decisions nowadays…


Hahaha, good write up.

I agree 100%, CCP Burger would be great as a villain playing opposite of CCP Convict in those little video skits.

All these explanations would achieve is that they’re going to tell us even more lies, ■■■■■■■■ reasons and justifications. Have you ever read any of their devblogs? There’s a wealth of evidence of them saying they’re going to do one thing while also achieving five other things they’re not mentioning. On purpose. They’re doing this on purpose. It’s how they’ve always have been operating.

There’s a wealth of evidence that they’re just picking a reason that sounds reasonable and there’s tons of people dumb enough to believe it and defend it. And people who assume this is just “CCP’s incompetence” are the worst, because those are exactly the very people who enable companies like CCP and many other entities to just keep doing it.

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Needs more Mimic

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