CCP can't BAN bots:We don't need "Null-sec Care Bear"

CCP Games has encouraged PvP many times in the past.
However, those attempts have not led to a beginner’s step up.
The reason is simple.Because there is no suitable opponent for beginners.

Many beginners start PvP by shoot ratting ships or mining ships.
But that’s difficult at the moment.

You might think that we can play casually with a filament for Null-sec.
Unfortunately, there are only bots.
If CCP can’t BAN bots, they should change methods.

If NPCs disrupt warp, the situation will improve.
NPCs in J-space are good example.

If reinstates the nerfed Null-sec income, it should be an exciting game of high risk, high reward.
It would be best to let the Null-sec be blacked out like in the old days.
But maybe shouldn’t do that.

For some reason, players who live in Null-sec don’t seem to be aware of the existence of D-scan.

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Sorry, all the easy targets left for high security space long ago.

Fillaments are anti PvP, as groups who find themselves countered will just warp to an ESS and burn off until they can jump out, if they do not just bounce in a dead end system or cloak up.

There are legit players out there, but its hard to tell the bot ishtars from the AFK ishtars. Simple fix would be for all sites to have a % chance of spawning a NPC captial that will blow them up if they are not paying attention.

This already happens. Not knowing this indicates someone who has failed to learn the mechanics and wishes the rules to change to suit their ignorance, rather than be educated.

J-Space will scram, but a scram is not a disrupt. The reward structure is also different for J-space, so be prepared to offer up something for those who’s gameplay is to become more difficult.

DBS and MESS already nerfed null income. Its better than it once was, though its not as bad as it needs to be get people out of the dead end heavily farmed pockets.

Another marker that indicates ignorance of the past. Balckout was an enourmous success, it consolidated the power of the large null sec groups with a super umbrella that could be called on at a moment’s notice, plus it united the playerbase in a way not seen in a long time with the collective decision to not log into eve.

It was quite amusing to see all the 31337 PvP groups whine about not having any content after a fortnight. Who would have thought it so boring to find no ratters or miners and only run into other PvP groups who did not want to fight?

A player in Null is already doing the wrong thing if they are relying on D-scan, if there is a red in system, you stop what you are doing and warp away, only the greedy, the AFK and the stupid wait about to see if that interceptor with faction point is just passing through or landing atop of you.


If you want to have a black out just live in a wormhole, it’s not that difficult.


I don’t think all PvP areas need a local chat
As a result of pampering the player, they end up with a bunch of poor robots that can only keep up with their allies.
Marcus Janus | Character | zKillboard

Only 5 solo kills?
Since when did this game become an educational toy for 3-year-olds?

Not all PVP areas have a local chat…BOOM WISH GRANTED


It’s not fair that this guy can’t just take a filament into null whenever he wants and have everyone pre-tackled for him by npcs in systems with no local. Everyone’s a three year old!

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