CCP change how margin trade works. Why is marginal trading scams allowed?

It’s an improvement because if you don’t have the cash up front, they get the money from margin, and you pay an interest rated payment plan.

Just because your feelings were hurt after you purchased an item you thought was more valuable than it actually was doesn’t mean that CCP needs to change a mechanic. If there’s anything that needs blame, it’s your own greed that blinded you, lmao.


Sure… i’m the loser whining because i got scammed

Why is there a problem just because you declare it as a problem? What about all the others, including CCP, who don’t think there’s a problem with margin trading and the scams created by it?

I imagine there could be visual indication in the market window to show which sell order cant be sold to the margin traded buy order.

You should read this;


How often do you think this should update?

I mean, a legitimate user of the mechanic could have problems fulfilling his buy order at the moment you open the market window and be able to do it just fine 5 seconds later, after someone bought stuff from his sell orders.

Buy orders?

Are you being completely honest here?

The margin trade scam doesn’t work if there are plenty of buyers.

It wouldn’t be a scam if it was obvious.

  • You thought you could make a quick buck on an item, that’s your first clue.

  • Rare item barely traded, that’s your second clue.

At the end of the day when you bought the item you agreed to buy it at the listed price. The fact you only bought it to sell to another buy order doesn’t matter. You agreed to the first price.

Next time think about if the item really deserves to be the price it is and how many other buyers there are. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.


Hold on, you want to screw with people who place buy orders for an amount of a key item in various areas who use this to buy the amount that they want and fail the rest of their orders. Thanks but no thanks.

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Somehow I doubt, he wants to put that much effort in.


Ooooh he’s an angry elf…


Have to agree with Merin on this one. If a margin order doesn’t have the ISK to complete it should be removed from the list. Or at minimum, flagged with a different color or status showing ‘pending’.

I’m with the earlier crowd that says “This is simply the server displaying offers to the player which it knows are a lie”.

Scams are part of EVE, that’s fine - as long as the scams are ‘buyer beware’ types where the player has a reasonable chance of being able to determine in advance whether the deal is legit or not. Scams where it’s a standard game mechanic (buy/sell orders) where the player has zero ability to determine if the trade is legit or not isn’t a ‘scam’, it’s idiotic trade mechanics.

The whole “EVE is the wild wild west, there is no one to regulate this” argument is sheer BS. The owners of the station will not be fronting orders for pilots unless they know they have a way to collect. They would seize assets, impound your ship, put all related stations on the alert to seize everything you had, etc.

This is simply another example of CCP wanting their game to seem harsh and edgy, but not having good ideas how to do so they implement stupid ones.

The primary judgement on this should be: does it add anything to the game? Not really - it adds a silly and irrational trade mechanic that benefits a very few scammers, and tells non-scammers not to trust the market (which is a core feature of EVE).

The only justification for leaving it in is “we’re too lazy to fix it and we can’t think of a better replacement anyway”.

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I agree with this. There is no way for a player to know it is a scam before they fall for it, unless they already know about it and they are aware of all the common items that are used for this type of scam.

I like this idea.

The sad part is if this didn’t enrich players at the detriment of others, it’d be called an exploit.

The thing is, that this can be said for all market orders - none are guaranteed and can be cancelled, or filled by another player, at any time. I agree, CCP should do their best to make the UI not lie to the players, and the margin trading scam borders on that, but at its core the scam just indicates a false value for an item to get the player to overpay for something, and this can be accomplished other ways.

There are bigger fish to fry in Eve than wasting much time on patching just one of the ways for a scammer to send false price signals to prospective marks. If CCP revamps the market system, then by all means they can tighten up how the system handles margin calls, but the skill is very useful for traders and scams are a part of Eve, which is why CCP has left things as they are for so long.

You should be checking the market history - then the actual value of the item would be more apparent. The proposed “fix” is just another call to make Eve simpler and dumber.


You forget, the OP doesn’t care enough, he did however care enough to make a post about.

I think it’s more a case of reality (he doesn’t know as much as he thinks he does and he fell for it) that slapped him in the face.


The irony is especially funny. He keeps creating more and more threads, typing more and more words, yet at the same time proclaims he “does not care that much”.

@Theron_Larkis beat me to it. He’s talking about the Dunning-Kruger effect, btw.

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this overlooks the legitimate use of the skill , buy orders which will be filled gradually , and the issuer’s wallet will keep up through sell orders being filled at the same time .

i saw that the scam requires to buy an overpriced , rare item , to fill -one- buy order . a buy order that could be filled or cancelled and i get stuck with the item .
then i applied the ‘too good to be true’ rule .
then i asked myself ‘am i smarter than the other 2000 people in jita local who seem to have overlooked this great deal ?’
in the OP’s case he answered yes and now has a wonderful memento to remind himself NO YOU’RE NOT . :slight_smile: