CCP changes to low-sec, null-sec, FW, Escape Bay - starting March 24'th

Hello, fellow capsuleers!

So CCP will be implementing some changes to low-sec and null-sec mechanics, starting March 24’th. The full description of the changes, as well as other new features, including the frigate escape bay, are included in the dev-blog, linked below.
So any thoughts and opinions on this?

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good :smiley:

Calm before the storm.
is also expected before the end of the month and we’re already past the halfway mark. Any bets on the 26th or do you expect them to defer it until April?


Unspecified warp speed changes. Reversion of a change that no one wanted and bringing back gate sliding as if they’re saviors of lowsec.

That’s it?

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Please read some more, there are several very good changes with this update regarding FW space.

Also, it’s not “real” gate sliding like it was years ago.


…such as?

Continue reading, it’s really not that hard. :slight_smile:

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Tell me what you think are the “very good changes”. :slight_smile:

Edit: after waiting and seeing no response, all I’ve gotta say, “thought so”


Shut up Scoots.




Continue reading, it’s really not that hard. :slight_smile:

I don’t see any reason to be negative about this post?

Regarding lp payout for kills, they just needed to make it pay a decent amount irrespective of tier.

Has anyone seen how the new sites will be named? Semi-large? Medium large?



Awww, your so cute! I don’t spend all my time reading and trolling the forums like some other people.

I gave my answer in the official forum thread attached to this announcement on the launcher before I posted in this thread. I see no need to repeat myself.


You still haven’t answered my question.
What do YOU think is a “good” change?

LP payout for kills has always been based off the value of the kill 1M cost = 100 lp atm

Reduction of FW mission LP rewards and an increase in kill LP rewards.



It will get abused with alts, if it’s anywhere near profitable to abuse, which I assume will likely be, as I dont see CCP giving out shitty rewards for a change they claim will “fix some love” into FW.

If it is profitable then alot of people will do it driving the supply of those items up, which can push the price down

And then we’re back to the same problem overpaying LP gains missions created …

Do you guys think for a minute ?