CCP Commits to fixing Chat or reverting to previous system by end of January

Really glad to see that CCP is willing to commit to fixing the ongoing problems with the chat system, or revert back to the previous system. I applaud CCP for making a promise to the playerbase that they are willing to put game functionality ahead of new features, and have the integrity to roll back a feature when it clearly isn’t working.

I hope they can get it fixed, but if they can’t, I appreciate the honesty and transparency here in this post, that they’ll revert back to the previous system to ensure the game keeps working.

Good Job, CCP. This is the kind of integrity and commitment that shows you have respect for your players and are committed to making the game great.

They had it fixed - for a time, and now it turns back into the unfixed state - yet again.

while you are at it, can you fix the broken search function that prevents us from making contracts to corps?

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