Eve System : Connection to chat server lost

I started another topic in this respect because the last persons experiencing this issue, reported it in Oct 2018… but the problems is still there.

I am experiencing for the first time in my eve online life and is quite annoying. I havent been able to find a fix for it.

BTW i am alpha, so i can use 1 account per session. I fixed and verified cache stuff, tested connection, and everything seems fine: i can play normaly - except for chat of course -, fps are fine - up to 35 or more -, so i just want to know if anyone in the community have found a solution.

Thanks and have a nice day/night/evening or whatever

Excuse me for my english

It has been an issue since 2018 when CCP made a major change to the chat system. They have since been trying to fix it. They even gave people skill points as a way to say “sorry” for it. It’s still a work in progress.

Here’s a dev blog about it

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