Chat: a reminder

In January 2019, we had this blog released:

This blog promised to bring chat back in-house if the constant problems with the migration continued.
Just a few weeks later we had this blog

Which declared victory and promised that chat was fine.

Since then we’ve had constant, constant problems with chat and all we get is head-in-the-sand silence or arrogant dismissal of the problems.
Chat has been a disaster ever since it was moved out from in-house.

Fix it.


Very much agree. Half of the chat channels I subscribe to I have been kicked out of. Many are internal corp channels. And MOTDs are not loading for channels like Fleet, Corp and Alliance. I have one toon that has joined a fleet and has NO fleet chat. This is insane!

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I am in over a dozen NPSI and corp channels. I’ve had no problems.

If chat doesn’t work right then nobody will see how many people stopped logging in.



lol I guess I’m the only one.

Only some particular nodes seem to have been affected today.

I’ve not had any recent problems, not saying they can’t exist but it doesn’t seem to be structural issue with EVE itself.

I had a few instances of Chat disconnect, Chat reconnect spam issues. They happen all the time, sometimes more, sometimes less frequently, but they keep happening. Apparently this still qualifies as perfectly fine for CCP and all the advantages like incredibly fast chat spam outweigh all the negatives of the not so new new chat system. Typical #CCPQualityGamedesign

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Sometimes even FC doesnt join fleet chat. While it should be automatic join.

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Thanks for letting us know. We’re looking into it.



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