Congrats CCP, local appears to be fubar - again/still/as intended

/le sigh


The new chat backend was released in March 2018 and nine full months later it’s still a mess. One can’t have such a faulty chat system in a MMO, period.

Sooner or later CCP will have to eat crow and agree that the new 3rd party chat system is TARFU and no amount of tuning and patching will fix the reliability issues.


Apparently… One can. For nine months, even.

Well, it’s a “can’t” like “you can’t eat one pound of sugar every day”… you might do it for years, but eventually it will catch you.

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Wait until we get the new 64 bit client…

Any bets on what features break? I’m guessing more than just the chat system…

Does it really matter?

Let it go Jim, she’s dead!

Well usually nine months later a baby pops out, so maybe these issues are just the cramps soon popping out Skynet.

@CCP_Falcon might want to stand by to boil some water for the delivery. Alternatively, to boil more frogs :slight_smile:

We’re currently working on squaring this away, sorry for the issues.

We’re well aware that the situation with the chat system is entirely unacceptable, and we’re now looking to rectify the problem permanently now that the holidays are out of the way.

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So the problem was the holidays…

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I think Iceland should be more widely known as having 9 month holidays a year.

Everyone deserves a holiday season suck it up guys and be patient.

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