:parrotcop: CCP Continues to Relegate Discussions with Impunity


:parrotcop: CCP Continues to Relegate Discussions with Impunity

Does it make sense to keep shutting down popular discussions in GD? So much for “less” moderation in the “so-called” new forums.

Eve Online is SUPPOSEDLY a sandbox. Obviously it’s not, but it’s a lot closer than these forums. What is CCP so afraid of? You let the game devolve into lawlessness but your forums have to be PC? It doesn’t translate.


Take the training wheels off and let people interact like we do in the game. Or, as certain people like throwing around the term HTFU! Don’t just say it CCP…take your own advice for a change.



INB4 lock. No discussion of moderation is allowed…

Such an original comment, well done you. The forum should autoban anyone who posts it.


That’s what I’m talking about. They even have snowflakes doing it for them.

+1 for CCP.

I like the stealth ganking tears, OP. Keep it up!


Now that the name was changed we can say PeePee about PI all the time .

Freedom is great until you get bombed

errors of impunity

Errors of impunity. … If convicting an innocent person, called a miscarriage of justice, is a Type I error for falsely identifying culpability (a “false positive”), then an error of impunity would be a Type II error of failing to find a culpable person guilty (a “false negative”).

Other types that come to mind are, by accident, and 2, deliberate, and so, not by accident.
For instance, a police officer issues a ticket on the side of the road, and gets hit by a passerby in car, which kills him or wounds him to death.
That is an error of impunity by accident and the person committing the killing is not guilty, and he is also not guilty of capital murder, capital crime, and deserving of capital punishment.

Case 2, a judge or legal authority (system) refuses to prosecute crimes, some , maybe, organized crime. They do so deliberately, and perhaps even scheme to get money from the victim.

Case 3, as case 2 above, but on top of the refusal to charge criminal, the Type II victim is also victim of Type I, and the charge and conviction from type 1 is the same as the charge and conviction refused in type 2.

Some acts of war are worst.

You might want to add additional pertinent details to help make more sense from your first statement without reference to specific posts or events…
If all else fails, you can post about it outside of the forums.
That is not against the rules, as long as you respect CCP’s property and intellectual property rights and works.

I would honestly love it if someone created a seperate EVE forums site.

The amount of times i’ve been booped for stuff that yes may straddle the line, however never crosses it only to get a single sentence response when I ask how and where exactly I went wrong is absurd. Just feels like FB at this point tbh.

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Bringing to justice those who violate human rights is essential to end impunity and to the effective prevention of further violations.

— Amnesty International (1997)

The content is related to interests of parties actually paying for the service. When it goes over their own goals and ideals, and circumvent security measures in place (and some do work security too), it is better written outside of the forums to help prevent conflict internally on the forums, which may cause other problems with the game and systems.

Not that there isn’t any.

Spelled Chip CCP, cc for tchi, and p for hip.

Even though AMERICA GODBLES THE USA makes up the SUPER MAJORITY of eve users. FACT

Ccp still is in Iceland. FACT

Iceland is one of the most liberal/far left counties in this freaking planet. FACT

So no, ccp cares about feelings and are more like the UK and ENGLAND WHERE THEY LOCK YOU UP FOR TALKING ABOUT THE “WRONG THINGS ONLINE”


do they?
I wouldn’t know , I have never been locked in UK and England, and they never offered me money to get locked there, and they never offered me enough money for me to get locked there.

What kind of wrong things?
It’s one thing to be against the law, and another thing to do damage to the law.
If you’re against the law and you help them to correct the problem, and save their life, they may be less inclined to be against you for damaging them, whichever is in accordance with international treaties or military law.
There are limits to rules of engagement, and I don’t refer to engagement in marriage only.

imho, if they are assholes after you save their lives while being against them, it’s their own business, even if they are wrong to death.

Getting in on page 1 while ISD is asleep



Oh hang on, you’re a yank - they all have faulty shift keys anyway…

Uh-oh, shots fired!

Lighting cyno for @ISD_Fractal, @ISD_Buldath, …

Embrace for hot drops by ISDs.

Am I doing it wrong? :blush:


Careful before you get locked up in England for saying men things on the internet and hurting feelingsstrong text

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