Censorship of RMT discussion implies complicity

Continuing the discussion from CCPLS - RMT will be the Final Demise of EVE Online:

The fact that somebody at CCP decided to actively suppress discussions of RMT is corroborated by this actiojn to censor such discussions. Clearly, CCP have an active policy that engages with RMT. They are taking active steps to protect those who do it.

Silencing people is reprehensible at the best of times. If you do so, it is fair and reasonable that the very worst possible motive be attributed to you. Nobody who destroys the liberty of others deserves a shred of goodwill, nor an ounce of leniency.

Only the guilty and the wicked silence the voices of the innocent.

I mean discussion here doesn’t really help CCP do anything about it faster. More likely it attracts more people into RMT :parrotbeer:

The discussion here is not intended to serve the interests of CCP at the expense of the liberty of customers.

The rampant and mindless censorship on the previous forums was a major reason for the change to the current format.

A lot of folks, me included, don’t care about RMT at all. We think the whole discussion is mental masturbation and an attempt by small minds to pretend that they control the whole world, and understand it perfectly also.

But we do care about mindless censorship and constantly being told what we can and cannot speak about by people whose only authority is internet forum moderator.

The problem is that there is no accountability. For example, if CSM and forum moderators received life bans for falsely censoring customer discussions, we would have accountability, and we would be demonstrating that freedom of speech and association are paramount virtues in our community.

That is not as crazy as it sounds. You walk into any business where the customers are respected, as some junior employee or volunteer, and start telling the customer what they can and can’t say, and you will find yourself unemployed very quickly indeed.

The internet allows deeply unsocial behaviour to flourish, and forum moderation is one of these problem areas.

Stop censoring customers without accountability. Please. It is ugly and primitive behaviour.

IB4L as RMT discussion, as well as arguing against forum rules is prohibited.

You can’t bring up freedom of speech issues on what is technically a private forum. CCP can allow/remove whatever subject they deem appropriate. If you have an issue with it, file an official ticket.

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But I did bring it up. That happened.

And, even if this is a “private” forum (contradiction in terms), how is that some kind of excuse for low grade treatment of customers?

Sure, CCP can exercise power and do whatever they want. So what?

We are supposed to respect that? To lie down and shut our mouths and respect a raw display of authority?

Go for it. Light yourself up with dignity and principle.

It was in the rules…

These threads always go well

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Yes, it is private as CCP owns it, not some government entity. And as such, they can set whetever rules they want in regards to the conduct and allowable topics of the subscribed users

Dear Sir and or Madam OP,

your freedom is worth nothing. You’re angry, because others have control you have not. if you had the “power” the ISD have, you’d abuse it to your liking, just like any other jerk who thinks he’s a good guy. Your post smells of Dinsdale, with this nonsense about how CCP is in bed with the RMTers. Even IF they were, it would not be any of your ■■■■■■■ business.

This is not real Life. While I understand that it comes close enough in some regards, it still isn’t real Life. it’s a real society, but that doesn’t make it real Life, so treating it as such makes you look like a white knighting carebear crying about the evil man who isn’t there.

I say: Ban the OP, so he gets a taste of what it means to be an insignificant tw… and the fact that i am not writing out the word does not lie in fear, it lies in respect to the rules, because this place isn’t my house!

Go back to the WoW forums and cry them a river.


“liberty of customers”

“rampant and mindless censorship”

You do realize this is just a video game, right? You’re talking like someone is oppressing you IRL or something.


RMT is allowed. CCP does it every single day. It’s called PLEX. They are fine with RMT, as long as CCP is the facilitator…



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Please don’t reopen closed topics.

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