CCP Customer service is horrible

Have been unable to log in since last patch with main account. I can log in with an alternative account, just not my main. Tried beta, tried verify/purge, uninstalled/reinstalled client - same problem and zero feedback/reply. Did I mention that there was a serious lack of customer service? Yup. Zero. A big fat 50 DKP minus.

Sorry you’re not the king of the world, you’re not the first in line, deal with it.

On a technical note, when you try to login, does it just bring you to a black screen? I had this happen last week, it seems that one of my setting files got corrupted for just that account. You have to uninstall completely by also manually deleting the settings folder under C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\CCP\EVE

You might have a different problem, but thats what worked for me, as the uninstaller doesn’t remove everything automatically.


hey … what kind of error you get?
like mentioned befor obly a black screen oder something else?


did you reset your router to cycle your ip address? it was mentioned in a devblog that certain ip’s were having issues, and this workaround fixed it

There are few things that you can do. Make sure that you filed the support ticket under the stuck queue

You can also take a look at this Dev blog for connectivity issues

As I have answered your issue and this is a rant post I will go ahead and close this.