CCP - Do Missions now route through Zarzakh?

I noted last week (before the Zarzakh gates opened) that I had an escalation that took me 48 jumps from Venal to the heart of curse. This seemed unusual to me as generally such missions take you up to 12 jumps from origin to surrounding areas. I suspected that it routed through the Zarzakh gates which were at the time unusable.

I queried this with a GM (who did not explain why) who stated he could not reset the mission. One high value mission lost (9/10 Dread Gurista Fleet Staging). I later bug reported with no response.

I had an expedition today (Pirates Path) in Venal that just triggered a next stage 36 jumps away into a lowsec region in Metropolis.

Could a GM please clarify:

(a) Can such expeditions / escalations route through Zarzakh?

(b) Was this intended?,

(c) If it wasn’t intended are you planning to sort it?.



I’m not a GM, but I think expeditions/escalations only work with adjacent systems, not with stargates.
(the pathing algorithm)

If you dont get an answer from a GM, escalate it to a senior GM


Going through Zarzahk is gonna be hella dangerous, isnt it?

Its risky more on the out gates than inside the system but yes it is.

saw this on Reddit how long did it take for you to bring it here

At frist, no, it would depend more on if there’s too much people in system.

The gate is huge, I travelled through in frigate and there was small gate camp, but they couldn’t catch me because the gates are is so large that I entered the system I was literally at 60km from the closest camper

Also, you can’t deploy bubbles… so no bubbles and gates are huge

That’s inside Zarzakh yes. But I think the risk is outside system which can be camped I think,

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I only wish games - especially ones owned by the same conglomerate - would take more care with similar names.

Zarzakh and Kzarka are nothing alike in their nature, but sound and look too much alike for people who are playing both of these games. I have participated many times in the death of Kzarka, but one cannot destroy an entire region of space.

Is this a sincere complaint or are you just wanting an excuse to talk about your time in BDO?

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What would be great if it were possible to scan down the gates from inside a wormhole as that would spark traffic and also boost interaction with their domain.

Goal to reach that location in fewer jumps.

Via fresh patch notes:

  • Escalations can no longer spawn in Zarzakh.
    • Note that it’s still possible for an escalation to take you through Zarzakh, escalations should always at most be 10 jumps from your destination. You may need to travel through Zarzakh if you see an escalation with an unusually high amount of jumps, we’re hoping to have a fix for this in a later release.

Just thought this was such an odd naming similarity, and wished to point out the names can cause problems in the near future. I recall once, I planned a trip to the village of Zardakhach and to my embarrassment accidentally ended up visiting Karkarook Park in Melbourne instead. Overall CCP has done a great job naming all the regions, constellations, and systems. I can’t wait until they make the Nid Oes Llwy system. It will be an awesome expansion, as long as they don’t call it Kamasylvia or O’dyllita.

Where do we find these Wormholes with the “Specific” Data and Relic sites required to gain loyalty points for this event?
Is it in any wormhole or is there a specific location to find said wormholes…

same patch notes:

  • In all classes of wormhole space, probe down sleeper relic and data sites using the “Forgotten” and “Unsecured” site name prefix, and acquire Element Containment Vessels from relic sites, and Element Control Data from data sites. Be aware that these sites are guarded by Sleeper NPCs unlike other relic and data cosmic signatures so be prepared for combat.

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