Zarzakh changes pushed by CSM

So we heard that the changes on Singularity for Havoc mass test will allow bubbles in Zarzakh. This is a bad idea! (bombs are allowed too, but I have no problem with those)

Zarzakh can be camped in NPC null, so the “super highway” already can be countered, however bubbles inside the system have no counter play. We are unable to Dscan, create bookmarks, or have most other ways of counter play are simply not possible in Zarzakh. In fact, this can block new content from being completed by outside forces. Also, bubbles can stop players in the danger zone and cause destruction due to the system environment. Who asked for these changes and why did the CSM push for them?


Well that certainly sounds sub optimal. What benefit could bubbles in this particular system possibly bring?

Bubbles are an “I win button” in Zarzakh as there are no bookmarks. So you can’t warp to pings, everybody lands at the exact same spot (or in the HIC/dictor bubble). Except you use a nullified scout alt to burn a temporary ping, if it survives this stunt in the 200km zone around the celestial. Stupid idea indeed.


There aren’t bookmarks and no dscan?

Correct, you are unable to use these mechanics in Zarzakh.

Sounds like people are gonna be having fun, others not so much

In theory a sabre could position themselves towards the safety bubble. There are only 4-5 warp in directions in any given grid (as there are only 6 total locations in Zarzakh at the moment. )

This would cause anyone warping in from that direction to be stopped OUTSIDE of the safe zone. You could also in theory do a double bubble with a smaller one and suck people inside of the bubble so they cannot warp AND are in the deathzone.

You cannot Dscan, you cannot come in from another angle, you can’t even really engage the gate camp without coming in from the other direction!

Worse yet Militia forces could easily camp in Deathless forces inside of their own station preventing us from entering the warzone. Obviously this would be in their best interest. Why compete with us when they can just stop us from playing?

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Uncounterable camps just like in the good old m0o days? CCP and CSM are onto something here. Something absolutely great. :unamused:

Zarzakh shouldn’t be a super highway, and bubbles will slow people down and keep fights inside the system, rather than outside.

No d scan? No bookmarks? Well, looks like it’s time to come up with a way to avoid those bubbles now, doesn’t it?

Oh yes, and how would one defend against a bubble that places ships outside of the safe zone where they have to travel about 15-18km from 0m/s to get back to safety? We can’t even get a ship safely in place to warp in a way to not get destroyed by the environment.

As you said before, you can and fight outside. Inside bubble allowance would cause exploitable behavior.

This isn’t about avoiding fights, it’s about stopping a game breaking circumstance from happening.

The stuff doesn’t kill you fast enough to make a bubble really an issue.

If it did, that would be kind of fun.

The problem is not the environment, but everybody lands at the same few vectors (not sure if caster, sun and station are actually different vectors as they are very close together, didn’t try) without using a nullified scout or cloaky eyes at every gate. I personally would know how to lock down one of the gates or the caster for outgoing traffic.

You probably can’t lock down the station for people with docking access as even warp at 100 land you in docking range.

Most ships would not be able to get back to safety in time. Look, bubbles are totally fine well within the safe areas, it’s the ones placed on the edge that I am taking issue with and that I believe is game breaking. If CCP could design and code a smaller allowance area for bubbles to be useable, away from the death areas, that would be fine. Otherwise it should not happen.

“Most ships” - how do you guess that? It’s a bubble. You don’t land in the center of it. Put on your prop mod and get out. The hull damage is not that significant a tick for a large ship, the only ones that would be in danger of not getting out. The smaller ones are all fast enough. I just don’t see it.

Right you don’t land in the center, you would land 15-18km away from the edge of the safe zone, where the HIC or DIC was sitting.

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It’s the same percentage for every ship…if you don’t have this basic level of knowledge what right do you have in pushing such a change?


The same right you do. You can’t seem to figure out how to get out of a bubble and you’re lecturing me on game mechanics? Get out of here, lol.

You have yet to explain how one can other than with hand waving that you somehow have less distance to travel. Without the ability to create bookmarks, when one warp to a place, you will be 15-18km away from the safe zone due to a HIC/DIC being right on the edge. You can’t change the vector, there are only 4 possible vectors at each gate (5 at the shipcaster) Most ships cannot get up to enough speed from 0 to survive, even with a prop. A fleet able to just push the bubblers out will just die to 1 bubble (or 4 if all directions are blocked) and the environment. Nor have you seem to show care about the offered compromise of ensuring this situation can’t happen.

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@CCP_Aurora or any other developer, would this be possible to code for?