Operation Epiphany - Zarzakh - Deathless Circle

Interesting video. God-damn WIS teasing. I hope CCP learned a lesson and has not predetermined how many. or if any at all, gates will be discovered or actually lead somewhere. Otherwise, it would be just another lame treadmill project like the previous gate project. But just the video piqued my interest, which hasn’t happened in a long time.


That game looks awesome, I’d love to play that.


In intergalactic Easter Egg hunt with 50bil prices if you are fastest? Sounds really nice if you ask me. I just wonder if i will even be able to do anything for real, it appears that half the hints require officer kills, which i wont be able to do. Hopefully the other half involves scanning/exploration stuff.

Video was great. Two thumbs up for the team that made that!

Invitation dude looks Drifter/Sleeper like imho. And the fact he is adressing pirate factions sounds like a ton of incoming trouble. Gates either lead somewhere, which would mean new space, or will lead to new technology. Both high-stake options. I do not believe in stable gates into Wormhole and/or Triglavian space, that would be kinda redundant.

If this is something i can even participate in i will definitely do so. I like exploration stuff. And finding something first is the peak of that.

PS: And people keep asking what “walking in stations” would even offer to the game. The same it offers in other games: Showing off your Character, Apparel, Augmentations and Style, of course. Set to LAZOR RAVE in EVE’s case! :star_struck:


CCP !!

THAT is one very cool video worthy of EvE Online. Very well done !

Woot woot.

Btw, that armor suit, when ccplease ?


CCP: shows literally anything EVE-related featuring human characters

You guys never learn huh


I dont know what to say. The trailer wasnt impressive. Raves are like a thing of the 90s and early 00’s. But its in the trailer as if its cool? The thing she is carrying also has RPG vibes, like, demon stuff. That dont belong in EVE imo. Its a “clean” MMO. EVE is literally a reference to something…

But also the characters dont speak to each other in the video. How refreshing would it be if they greeted each other, and maybe smiled? God help this game

Also “Find the gates” is not an inspiring tagline, its also not something that seems to be fun or stimulating in the long run? Can go on and on i guess. And sorry to be a party pooper i guess. Some people seem to enjoy it. Anjoe


Not sure why you replied to me, I didn’t say anything about WiS.

But as it happens, I actually miss my coffee table and settee, my big screen, and the small hologram projector, and never forgot the early promises on improvements (and related gameplay) they made back then.

The above quote is not the right question to ask. The question is if CCP learned enough from the previous attempt at WiS (and beyond that bloody door) to make it functional (and immersive) the way it was supposed to be first time around :stuck_out_tongue: Judging by the few interactions they made possible for the tutorial, no, not really, lol.

Still a very good video though !!


Fifty billion ISK is still not enough to get me to do your terrible PvE, sorry. I’m sure that as the offers keep increasing, at some point I’ll finally break and reluctantly submit my ass down into to the slave pits, but today is not that day.


According to the CCP site = collect fragments from Guristas and Angel Commander wrecks that will aid you on your voyage of discovery.

I’m thinking that pertains to the Faction spawns that sometimes happens when you complete an exploration combat site.

Course will also have to recover Jovian Symbolic Navigators from Jove Observatories, then use them in the correct star system, in the appropriate combination to get the Jovian gate location.

As usual, this is going to be a major grind which will obviously require multiple players to accomplish. However, imo it seems CCP is now opening up a section of Jove space for us to play in…


They should just put the drops in the gated COSMOS sites to throw people off.

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I love it! Cyberpunkish, mysterious and badass. EVE deserves a TV Series.


There’s a fine line between “not learning” and “not wanting to learn because of all the amazing stuff that would be possible”. Not everyone in the wider community has the capacity to comprehend this. :slight_smile:

@Sunshine As DeMichael and the article say, they come from Commander wrecks, which also include normal faction spawns, at least when it comes to wreck type naming.

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PvE makes me sleepy xD


I’ve read the interacting with Jove Observatories requires an entosis link module :thinking: And there was only one offer to sell 3 modules in entire New Eden an hour ago :confused: And now there is none…

Or maybe this particular event does not require it to get that info out of Observatories?

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FPS EVE when?!


soon™ :stuck_out_tongue:


You need the entosis link to get the data. Someone bought out all orders in Jita and elsewhere and relisted. Typical EVE behavior. :slight_smile:


EVE Marketeer shows there are no sell orders for entosis links T1 & T2 anywhere :confused:

There are no contracts either…

I wonder if CCP anticipated this :thinking: …so should I camp an observatory and wait for somebody to activate the link then gank to get the module? Is that what CCP wanted? :open_mouth:

The ship using the module is (almost) defenseless for the entire cycle - 5min for T1 or 2 mins for T2 module

Seems it will be PvP before PvE can be ensued :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, I’ve found some observatories already and even met somebody using entlink :wink: