CCP Email - Friendship is the best ship❤️

So I just received an Email from CCP with the same title as this thread. I’m not sure but I think the reason for the Email is because of the Corona crisis currently hitting the world.

Take care of one another

Fly safe

EVE Online’s community is legendary for coming together in times of hardship and when their collective strength can be used to further a good cause. We encourage our community to stay safe and look after each other.

The best ship is friendship, so stay connected with one another - in-game or otherwise - and protect against loneliness.

All of us here at CCP

Anyway, I think the message is a nice gesture. Thank you CCP, it’s very much appreciated.




Exactly right.

Over the next weeks and months, as people physically distance, maintaining social connections will be very important. And Eve players do it :smiley:


Also, something strange happened this weekend. Various CCP and ISD were seen on TQ “playing the game.” While not unprecedented, this activity just doesn’t fit the narrative. What next?

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Dogs and cats, living together, I suspect.


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Well said.

I feel quite strongly that a lot of MMORPGs facilitate a level of interconnection with the world for a lot of people who, whether because of physical or mental disability, anxiety or other socially limiting conditions, might otherwise not have very much contact with other people at all.

You can also add into this people who are isolated geographically or for other reasons too.

This part of the reason I think initiatives like B4R (Broadcast for Reps) are so brilliant because they let people connect and care for each other online.

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