CCP Fozzie looking for Input!

In the past years, we have seen different types of rules for tournaments, I’m thinking about EVE-NT / Amarr Championship / Worlds Collide.

However, I don’t see how any of these rules could be applied to the AT in a right way and I believe the actual point system is still the best option, while it needs to be tweaked.

As for points :

  • Bhaalgorn at 23
  • Reduce other Pirate BS by 2.
  • Reduce Navy BS by 2.
  • Reduce BS by 3.
  • Reduce CS by 1.
  • Reduce Logi by 2.
  • Reduce T3C by 1.
  • Up Navy BC by 1.
  • Reduce Assault BC by 1.

I really liked the old school formats when it was 5 people and it was 1 BS/ 1 BC / 1 Cruiser / 1 Destroyer / 1 Frig.

I think a spin on that would be the 10 person format like we currently have and have

2x Battleship or Commandship (or mix there of)

4x Battlecruiser or any cruiser class (HAC / RECON / Logi / ect)

4x Destroyer Class / Frig Class (same as the cruiser AF / Logi Frig / T1 / T2 ect)

limits to 1 tourney ship per fleet, 1 cruiser logi or 2x frig logi, no cloaking, no pirate ammo, the usual stuff.

bring back t2 drones (or at least for the flag ship! including geckos) / bring back scripts

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Plenty of greats points ppl were making here that I agreed with and some I didnt.

As far as point system changes I would make…

Seeing more ABC would be nice, but raising CBC and NBC to break mold would be appreciated. The fact they can use a bonused link shouldbset them separate from the abcs in point worth.

With adcus, the meta around hacs/afs will adjust. Points should reflect the utility of a hac as well as its ability to survive.

Battleship point reduction would be nice, but im not particular if there is a bc rise.

I feel t3c should get a point reduction. If t3c logi was banned in prior years id say keep it banned.

-limit amount of jams a team can have fitted. If even at 5 ecms it can make or break a match. Change the metas.

-t2 drones was a nice change and brought a new dynamic in the gameplay. Most I would say is allow faction heavies and sentries over t2 heavies.

-someone mentioned above about using a point system for ships killed by team. Be cool to have that info juat for record keeping amd final standings regardless of win/losses.

-Tbh super bummed about no at prize ships. That was a big driver to get me one of those ships. Earned, not bought/traded. It was a small goal I have in eve. What I would consider is do a random draw of all the frigs and cruisers you have given out in years past. Give it a face lift small balance pass and ship it out with a new skin. Perhaps even bring out new classes of at ships. Reskinned destroyers and abcs. Good for thought. I’m here for the good fites with or without prize ships…but they were pretty awesome…

Abysmal mods limited to flag ship in same modules as officer.

Banning by ship class could change the dynamic. But so could banning by race.

If you extend the outer boundary by 50-75 km, command destroyers mjdg may be more viable in gameplay as most fighting does happen closer to the center or pushed in a particular direction.

Instead of explosion on ring out start a 20 second self destruct? I don’t know if thats something you can incorporate…and disable omce back inside the bubble. Good matches have ended due to slight pilot error.

Allow bastion for undermanned comps? I.e. 7 out of possible 10. Gives the chance for smaller alliances struggling to make a full team still make a showing and have a better handicap.

Remove hull limitations. 10 thoraxes should be encouraged, not banned.

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have 100 point matches and 50 point matches If that don’t give you variety I don’t know what will

Also I can’t believe you did this to the Machariel, I hope the change did it’s job or else you pissed off a lot of people for nothing.

I would like to add something to this idea thread. Having listened to the Triglavian round-table and perused the data available to us so far, I would strongly recommend that any mutated module be banned from the Alliance Tournament, except on a flagship.

Since these modules can be made from Officer mods, it is pretty clear to me that they would be OP as all hell if they were to be allowed as T1-T2 modules. Not to mention they are pretty much pay-to-win. However, since officer mods on flagships are already that, I’m okay with them being allowed on a flagship.

Kiting is all the rage now. Kiting is boring.

@CCP_Fozzie @CCP_Rise

Like the idea of new ships mechanics/gamplay. And the mod goo… Great direction

Would love to see more of small gang architype ie: amarr championship… the rules the time constraints… That was awesome, small gang pvp ftw… still really glad I got to be a part of that

Idk about op as hell… Tough to say without really testing the various goo outcomes. But I’m thinking just a fitting restriction. Not a ban at this point

I’d rather see more possibilities and more diverse comps and play styles… not promote the min-max cookie cutter comps. As I have been saying in all my posts today, I feel eve has been stagnant( just personal feeling) people are risk adverse comps are generic ect… I would like to see that change. I would like to see the unexpected or wildly outrageous. That’s exciting to me.

When comps like drones or semi tinker, things that eventually everyone runs… that hurts the at. It doesn’t help

Drop rates and outcomes of goo mods will determine price barrier. So let’s say price isn’t an issue… Then is it ok??
Besides I’m sure test can pony up bills… I would have to actually dump cash into the game to get on par but I’m so enthralled by it I would…

I would really like to see an AT without ECM drones.

Make AT in random WH with a certain wh-effect. Except Wolf Rayet. Get new meta. Get lulz.

or rep bots.

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