CCP hates miners = confirmed

Piracy never gets nerfed, come to the dark side.

15 accounts over 4 different emails 1 gets targetted by idiotic propaganda - you now saying CCP breaks the law by accessing my computers?

interesting I have 15 of 15 unsubbed and only got one, so maybe CCP marketing is as bad as it seems and they send offers designed to encourage inactive players back to those who pay subs anyway

Either way I won’t be taking up the attempt to get me to part with money for a game my game play has diminished so much it isn’t worth logging in for.

CCP need to find a way to fix the damage they did with BO and cyno nerfs. Prime time of the year for Eve and PCU is still at summer levels and again with the most recent changes individual and small group players are hardest hit - CCP keep showing time and again they just don’t know how to fix their mistakes. I for one will not give them anymore of my money or time simply to watch them further destroy what was once a good game.

I wonder had Pearl Abyss waited 12 months to spend the money on CCP they did - Would they have still gone through with the purchase - IMO, CCP would be history now if not for Pearl Abyss. Poor management, mis-management at the level CCP heads have shown in recent years would have seen them sacked in any other industry

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You’re an idiot.


Yeah, CCP breaks the law by logging your IP…


What law? You agreed to their terms so…

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I don’t know what law, actually. But a person stated that accessing one’s computer breaks “the law”, even if it is not necessary to identify alt accounts.

You guys do realize if all his acounts are on the same e-mail address hell only get one mail.

Good riddance.


I mine ore and ice and snort gas in WHs in cheap, paper thin Ventures that can run in 3-4 seconds. I love escaping the folks running around in billion isk T3 fits. I do just fine isk-wise. The downside is that I can’t make isk while watching Netflix or surfing the web. I need to pay attention. That’s called computer gaming.

I also do some HS mining…frankly, it’s boring. Bring on the gankers, catch me if you can. Enjoy.


That means that while you’re a miner you’re not a carebear. Effectively you’re a PVPer, as EVE players should be.

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QFT :+1:

Kanye 2

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Miners are trash. Go get your free isk in another game.

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standup mining a xenotime moonbelt with excavators.

Still grinding or playing already?

You have no idea how the game economy works. And “minerals that I mine are free” is not a thing.

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In a world where they are generated infinitelly, it is.

Mining is literally creating value out of nowhere.

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sooo… what’s your time worth?

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It’s called opportunity cost…