CCP I think your Thanksgiving Day sale is stupid

CCP you cant make a sale in a free market by “lowering taxes”.

All you did was make the margins bigger so people who already have market orders get squeezed as new market orders race to a new bottom.

Are you guys f-ing morons?

Everyone makes their isk in this game by trade. Just look at the economic reports, very little comes from bounties…

So the tax relief helps no one (their sell prices are lower too) and hurts long term producers.

Just dumb.

So you are long term producer of PLEX? Please go and learn the game then try to sound less stupid. And if you must cry from lack of knowledge, do it somewhere else. Everyone is tired already.

There was a -15% discount on large PLEX packages and the reduced Tax in-game encouraged players to buy and sell PLEX.

It’s only for a limited time so don’t worry, the regular prices will be back soon enough.

No it doesn’t. A market equilibrates.

Anyone who produced plex for X’ to sell at value X. Now needs to sell at value X-sale.

Its really simple. Surprised you bozos dont get it.

Don’t know what your issue is with it, PLEX market is moving.

Oh look, more attention seeking posts. :slight_smile:

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Stop seeking attention off my attention seeking posts lol

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For this weekend only, you can also enjoy the Black Friday Tax Haven! There will be a big reduction in sales tax on New Eden’s regional market, so it’s the perfect time to sell some of the PLEX you have in your PLEX Vault, or any other item on the market! Please check below to see the exact sales tax that will be applied based on your Accounting Skills:

  • Level 0: 2.5%
  • Level 1: 2.225%
  • Level 2: 1.95%
  • Level 3: 1.675%
  • Level 4: 1.4%
  • Level 5: 1.125%

The tax reduction starts 11:00 UTC on Friday 29 November and ends 11:00 UTC on Monday 2 December, so get trading!

Yeah that tax haven is garbage. It hurts EVERYONE who already locked in their price points.

If you buy inputs at 100 and the price point drops to 90 because of tax haven. Then YOU lose money.

This is f-ing basic.



I think Thanksgiving Day is stupid. Period.

Yeah, I just went there.

Or you just buy up some extra cheap stock while the price is at 90, and wait a bit for the prices to rise to higher than 100. Instead of, y’know, just selling all your existing stock at 90 like a retard.

I turn over more in a day than you’re worth…

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