CCP ignoring plex for 1/4 dollar profit

Why are all new to eve features such as skill injectors & now expert skills being sold for direct $ instead of in game via plex?

Every $ that bypasses the plex market devalues TQ server meaning we will have even further need for poverty patches.

Has CCP forgotten why PLEX was made in the first place? It appears CCP has no intention of acknowledging its outstanding plex liability.

RMT’rs are gonna have a field day as they supply ships to these new for skill set players. A player who buys a temp skill set for will also want to buy matching ship for $ & as ccp has lead him away from plex purchase they will go to rmt sites.

Do ccp expect a customer to be happy to buy skills for $ skins for nex, nex for plex & ships for isk.

Hahha streamline, stream line it under plex before rmt sites sell complimentary prefit ship packs for $.

Or if CCP disagrees with me can I ask that they name their next currency after me? Olona’s, shorteneted to olo’s.

CCP needs to put expert skills in the nex for plex or risk sending pay2play $ customers trotting off to rmt sites for ships.

The ES, isn’t comprised of real skills.

That is even worse, the dollar for temp skill access makes the dollar for destructible ship even more tantalising.

RMT’rs are in for a huge boon to profit unless ccp change tact and put expert skills under plex.

Rmt trades main income besides isk is skill injectors which are not under the conventional plex umbrella.

Also when it comes to eve, I think I am fairly smart, likely 1% economy wise anyway.

The main thing will be how quickly rmt sites can turn around matching fitted ships with the expert skill sets.

The top rmt sites have a better store front than CCP by far. It will be intresting to see how their ship sets look after expert skills go live.

If CCP sold skill sets for plex under nex store then p2p dollar players would be buying plex to obtain both the expert skills & fitted ship sets in game as it would be convenient for them. Instead ccp is sending them to 3 store fronts accessed by 2 differnt login credentials & at 2 of these store fronts customers can be robbed in game. At the isk ship purchase & potentially at the plex isk sale.

It’s easier for them to now go to a rmt site to buy isk and ship sets also skill boster. Rmt site has one shop front :slight_smile:

Maybe they like where PLEX price is now and they dont want to intervene in some way. $ will be coming directly to CCP pockets.

I think RMT sites already sell ships.

Plex price can be controlled via other means.

Rmt sites do sell ships and they are about to get a bananza on those ship sales if they put a bit of effort & make matching ship packs to the expert skill sets.

The fix is to sell expert skills under nex & forge them into plex dollar revenue. Make it easy for players to supply ship sets for plex under contract to match purchased expert skills.

CCP could even skim plex on that ie, ccp will pay players 25 plex to supply a ship fit at Jita & then sell said ship fit on nex to other player for 30plex.

CCP marketing appear way off on this & when the customers simplist option is to go to a rmt site, then you done goofed up.

Ps. I am avaliable for digital store front consultancy, CCP I’m not talking to you, x player auctions x I want isk ect ect.

The ships may be sold by CCP for $ too, in future.

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Naw, the players would rage. CCP should purchase the ships from players for plex.

It is clear ccp do not value plex now anyway so why would they care. Every new feature is bypassing it.

I don’t blame them, CCP’s plex debt is huge it is easy to want to ignore it. CCP is acting like a goverment pooping all over its own debased currency however gold sitting in a vault has little up keep. CCP’s plex is debasing off server connection rent which has hella of an up keep cost in comparison to reserves. I also think ccp might be renting part of the server architecture & upkeep so technically they are borrowing on borrowings.

Because making more things purchasable with plex makes plex cost more ISK.

It would be stupid for CCP to push even more players out of the game just to give Willy the Whale an easier RMT experience… Which means it’s very likely they’ll do it at some point.

Purchase your PvP flag “booster” for just $9.99 per 7 days!

The question people should be asking is…

Why are CCP even releasing Real Money → Skillpoints? Even after all the hurf blurf they gave us when they released skill injectors… “Hey, we’ll never do any pay 2 win we swear, scouts honour”

This company is going down the ■■■■■■■ pan, and their game with it. (Literally, check their earnings).


Anyone who likes eve thinks ccp should be able to feed their kids from running & developing it.
But you know maybe charge eve’s undesirables more.

Charge for api pulls, charge multiboxers a logarithmic price for running 30 alts. Instead ccp charges eve’s heart & soul, the newbro’s & at key players.

Ccp sold out to the botters and broadcast inputers years ago.

Won’t someone think of the children?

So now people will just try the SP, and ships without the actuall abilities and knowledge how to use them, they will be disapointed and ragequit, removing themselves from game and removing any future spendings for Omega.

I think CCP may have fallen themselves to Cobra effect. All those things they make for players to spend more…

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The initial post is full of holes.

The OP does not explain why she believes people will buy ships from RMTers. Buying ships from RMTers makes no sense, because then the whole point of the game will be lost.

Someone buying even just a Drake on day zero will have no idea what to do with it anyway. He will be losing it really quickly. Those who will do so (because it will be possible anyway) will quickly learn that there is no point to it.

Everyone else, who has at least some practise flying space ships, will be in a position where he can afford to buy his ships with ISK … but they wouldn’t buy Expert Skills anyway, except …

… for their alts, which they do not wish to pay money for.

Being able to grind Expert Skills means that people, who have an easy time making ISK, will also have an easy time making and using a virtually unlimited amount of alts which can do whatever is needed.

Virtually for free.

This is likely a reason why it’s not tied to PLEX. Another reason would be the massive spike it would cause to the PLEX price on the very day of its release. Yet another another reason would be that it would mess with the market of Large Skill Injectors.

There is no base in reality for that. “Devalues TQ server” is a generally meaningless statement. It might have specific meaning to you personally, but it does not in a general sense. I’d like to know more about the why behind that statement.

What makes you feel that way?

And kill literally every single 3rd party tool that exists? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah thats going to end well

they already have to pay for 30 subscriptions, CCP makes more if they are funded via plex than paid for in cash anyway, so that won’t happen

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