CCP is Killing Off Small Hisec Corps

There was already a problem with consolidation of structures in hisec. NULL power blocs took over all the hisec markets and other large, well-organized groups decided there was money to be made in razing player structures. This is emergent game play and I’m fine with it. Now come quantum cores. These give a payout of 600mil minimum for kicking over an astrahus. Did hisec wardeccing corps really need an additional financial incentive?

Putting up structures and trying to eke out a living is one of the primary reasons to form a small corp. It has been a feature of every group I have been a part of. Putting them up, defending them, making them pay is a great group activity. Come January structures in hisec not controlled by one of the power-blocs are going to have the half-life of a popsicle in a wildfire. With these structures gone there is far less incentive to form corps. About a year from now it’s going to be “Welcome to Eve. Do you want Horde or Alliance?”

I don’t see Eve dying any time soon, but the friendship machine is taking a beating.


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