CCP - Make every public channel available in the list of channels!

A million channels that are public and relevant arent listed in the channels list, theres no way to know about them other than if someone links them to you or invite you.

I think this is a big loss in social aspect of eve!

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This I have to agree with. Not only the social aspects, but also the many helpful channels for beginners to get better and learn more from, are lost. Many times I’ve had to ask for what should be openly available.

help channel is always available as well as main chaneels for various types of activities.

It’s the more in-depth and specific channels of the different aspects of the game that is missing.
Beginners channel can also be difficult to use at times, as people spam, talk off topics, and too many asks questions on top of each others so some questions goes unanswered, unless you spam yours continually.
It would be nice to just look through the channel list and find the more specific, and, better help with more experienced players in them. If I know what I’m looking for, why do I need to take the long way round the easy road?

fixed it for you, because

You must feel like a big and powerful person now. Could you just respond like a normal person, rather than the troll way?

I’m well aware of the many channels, but I’d rather go through them, than sit and wait for people to reply with either nothing like it, close but not really, and the responses “I don’t know, but ask …”.
But, as you seem keen on closing any debate, I’ll accommodate you.

This is a good idea in theory, when you don’t consider everything important,
but a bad idea in practise.

In regards to the server:

The server would need to send that huge list to every client.
When you click again, the server needs to do it again or at least check which new channels you didn’t receive yet and send those.

In regards to the social aspect:

When there’s so many channels, people will automatically flock to the biggest ones. It will degrade social activity, due to more and more people piling in on the bigger channels, which will inevitably lead to an Eternal September, thus ruining them.

Small communities are better than big communities:
The bigger they are, the worse they become.

TL;DR: Bad idea. Quality > Quantity.

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